Thursday, 10 June 2010

The 6th Commandment: 'Thou shalt not kill (Jews)'

The 6th Commandment doesnt apply to 99.8% of 6.8 billion people?

Richard Dawkins the biologist and atheist quotes from John Hartung in The God Delusion:
"'Thou shalt not kill' was never intended to mean what we think it now means. It meant, very specifically thou shalt not kill Jews. And all those commandments that make reference to 'thy neighbour' are equally exclusive. 'Neighbour' means fellow Jew. Moses Maimonides, the highly respected twelfth-century rabbi and physician (to Salahadin Muslim conquer of Christian Jerusalem no less), expounds the full meaning of 'Thy shalt not kill' as follows: 'If one slays a single Israelite, he transgresses a negative commandments, for Scripture says, Thou shall not murder. If one murders wilfully in the presence of witnesses, he is put to death by the sword. Needless to say one is not put to death if he kills a heathen.' Needless to say."

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