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How many Jews killed babies to stop them crying?

Along with run-ins with Dr. Josef Mengele, smothering
children, to stop their cries revealing Jews' hiding places,
is a very common tale amongst Ho£ocaustians.
Here's quite a lot of examples:

Rabbi Shimon Efrati of Bessarabia, was "deported to Siberia during the war"
(so the Russians did evacuate Jews deep into Russia). He later stated that a Jew
hiding in a Warsaw bunker who smothered his baby with a pillow, to prevent
it's cries being heard by the Germans, had acted legitimately.

Polish Jew, Aleksandra Berlowicz, talks of a baby smothering story in the Warsaw
Ghetto, possibly the one famously referred to by Rabbi Shimon Efrati
"She gave birth in the hiding place to a child whose first cry was smothered
by a pillow. The danger to everyone was too great. The newborn had to be
sacrificed in order to save the others (but, in any case, not for long)."

Writing in February 1943, Polish Jew, Mordehai Tennenbojm-Tamaroff indicates that
smothering babies for crying was a common occurrence in the Bialystok Ghetto
"Smothered babies are taken out of the hiding places-they started
crying during the searches and were smothered."
The Holocaust: The Fate of European Jewry, 1932-1945 (1990)

Mordecai Paldiel writes in the The Path of the Righteous of the Moses-esque
baby saving story of Vala Tokarski from the Minsk Ghetto in Belarus:
"There had been too many cases of babies being smothered so that a bunker's
location would not be revealed by the sound of an infant crying."

Polish Jew, Professor Yaffa Eliach
"kept remembering cries of her
brother as they hid in Vilna until at last he was smothered
by adults who feared that he might give them away."

Polish Jew, Betty Potash Gold, regurgitates her Ho£ocaust tales twice weekly
to Ohio school kids. She claims to have witnessed her cousin kill her
two-year-old daughter, to prevent the child's cries alerting the Nazis to
the 16 people hidden behind the false partition in her father's shed.

Polish Jews, the Chiger family, spent WW2 in the sewers of the city of Lvov.
In 1947 whilst only 11 Krystal Chiger claimed of a Jewess hiding in their sewer:
"One lady gave birth to a child. They covered this child with a washbasin.
It suffocated and was thrown into the Poltwa (a river)."

Karl Schapiro and 16 other Polish Jews spent most of WW2 in a hole under a haystack,
"everyone managed to survive, except for an infant who had to be
suffocated by its mother because it made too much noise."

Polish Jew, Henry Freidman, his mother, brother & his female teacher (?) - spent
much of WW2 hiding in a barn, in a space where only 4 people could sit down. His
mother was due to give birth, they voted on what to do, "Henry voted to kill the
baby." "The teacher suffocated the baby girl even as she helped deliver it."

Polish Jew, Rose Silberberg-Skier and her family spent WW2 in a "chicken coop"
"Rose’s 1½ year old sister, Mala, made too much noise, and Rose’s Dad had
to give Mala away to save the lives of the rest of Rose’s family."

Polish Jew, Miriam Brysk spent WW2 hiding in a forest, she says:
"Many of the other children, however, were smothered to death
for fear they would yell out and give everyone away."

Polish Jew, Sam Silberberg and 23 other Jews were hiding in a bunker built "in
their home" in Shrodula. Air was supplied via one three-inch-pipe. A baby began
to cry, so the mother pressed a blanket over it's mouth and suffocated it. Then
the mother began to cry, but they didn't suffocate her. Then the Nazis found
them and sent them to Auschwitz. He saw a Nazi tear off a baby's arm.

Sir Martin Gilbert, British historian, Jew and proud Zionist, tells the tale
of Lithuanian Jew Moshe Sohnenson, who killed his own son by suffocating
him with his coat. 15 Jews were hidden upstairs in a house, the stupid
Germans were downstairs shouting "Where are the Juden."

American/Israel Jew Sheila Gardner, says her uncle, who was then just a baby,
was suffocated by her grandfather whilst hiding in the attic of their home
in Lodz, Poland, to prevent it's cries being heard by the Nazis, who were
hunting for Jews. The Nazis found them anyway.

This 1975 book tells of a Jewish baby suffocated by his mother, pressured into doing it by other Jews who thought its cries would alert the Nazis to their hiding place.

Hungarian Jew, Irene Csillag has an Auschwitz baby smothering tale.
A Jew, who nobody had noticed was nine months pregnant, gave birth
whilst she was standing for roll call. The Jews made a hole in the sandy
soil with their feet, and buried the child alive. "If the baby had
begun to cry then surely we would have been killed."


  1. Come on Black Rabbit, even when the Jews holocaust their own children, it's still the evil Germans who are "guilty".

    Are you some kind of anti-semite or something?

  2. lol, the USHMM website has a page devoted to 1,000,000 Jewish killed. Strangely, no mention is made of the vast number who were smothered by their own parents.

  3. This is so sad. The enemies of Israel will again conspire against them in the last day. We are now in the end times where war with Israel is imminent. Stop Killing The Jews | End Times Prophecy | Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD2CBrka6cQ


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