Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Jew who called Hitler a Jew

Hungarian Janos Békessy (1911 - 1977) who later changed his name
to Hans Habe, was the son of Jewish converts to Christianity. 1 2

He wrote the article which appeared in an Austrian
newspaper on April 8, 1932, with the headline:

"Hitler's Name Is Schücklgruber"

Publicizing for the first time that Adolf's father
Alois had changed his name to Hitler in 1876

Békessy was the editor of the Austrian newspaper Öesterreichische
Abendblatt, when on July 12, 1933 it began publishing a series of articles
which claimed Hitler was Jewish. It's articles included the headlines:

"Awesome Traces of Hitler Jews in Vienna"

"Hitler's Jewishness Officially Confirmed"

On July 19, he published the pedigree of Hitler's mother Klara's Jewishness,
along with an alleged "official" statement: "There is hardly a Jew who has
such a beautiful family tree as Adolf Hitler". This Jewish Klara from Plona,
would have been 78 years old when Adolf was born, and buried deep in
the article was the assertion that this Klara was neither his mother, nor
grandmother, but a close relation of Hitler's grandmother.

Regardless of the lack of truth in the story, it was sensational,
and was picked up by newspapers around the world.

Hitler's Vienna (1999) by Brigette Hamann
(click image to enlarge)

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