Wednesday, 25 July 2012

1936: Antisemitic statue unveiled in Berlin

Statue of German "antisemitie" Theodor Fritsch (1852 - 1933) about to whack a Jew in the form of a  ... erm salamander?

Statue in Berlin Park Shows Fritsch Crushing Jew

NEW YORK, Oct. 21 [1936] (JTA) –
A park featuring a statue of Theodor Fritsch, late prophet of Jew-hatred, about to crush the Jew, who is represented as a reptile, has been opened in the Zellendorf section of Berlin, according to the New York World-Telegram.

The stone monument stands in a large square known as Theodor Fritsch Platz and its pedestal is engraved with quotations from Fritsch's writings. The major inscription reads, "There can be no health for the people until the Jews have been extirpated."

Fritsch's 1919 book: Handbuch der Judenfrage (Handbook of the Jewish Question)

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