Monday, 2 July 2012

The ADL Minstrel Show

I've found where the archives for the New York Amsterdam News (a "black" newspaper) are available online, but you need very special library access, I don't have. But this story is an absolute doozie (even though I suspect the girl lied), so I'll just quote verbatim from, and link to the website which claims this article appeared; the Nation of Islam. http://noirg.org/friendship-series-adl/ 

ADL Minstrel Show Black female fundraiser at the New York office of the Anti Defamation League (ADL) witnessed a minstrel show at the ADL Fashion Accessories Torch of Liberty ceremonies in November of 1992. Cheryl Hamilton told the Amsterdam News that she was “shocked” when “blue-eyed teenagers were suddenly transformed into Black-faced modern minstrels. Then to add insult to injury, they passed out white gloves to members of the audience.” The minstrel show was popularized by Jewish performers who mocked Black people by wearing black shoe polish on their faces to the enjoyment of their Jewish audiences. Hamilton, who has been employed as a temporary worker at the ADL reports hearing all sorts of racist remarks and innuendos from the White employees and supervisors, according to the report. She first reported the story to the New York Post which, after consultations with the ADL, squashed the story. Hamilton was unafraid of the consequences of making the story public. “I believe in speaking my mind and doing the right thing.”

Hitler's wife Eva Braun prepares for her gig at the ADL


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