Friday, 20 July 2012

The Wall of Death, minus the wooden thing

This is one of my photos taken in January 2012 of "The Wall of Death", which is between Blocks 10 & 11 in the Auschwitz main camp

Here's a photo of Pope John-Paul II, kneeling before the Pharisees' shrine on June 7, 1979, the 
same day he claimed (or parroted the claim) that 4,000,000 were killed at the Auschwitz camps.

But here's an old photo of "The Wall of Death", but minus the wooden thing added by the
Soviets. And the windows of Block 10 "The Block of Death" haven't yet been boarded up.

But there's irrefutable evidence that the wooden thing, has been photoshopped out of that old photo,
probably be evil neo-nazis who want to kill all the Jews, gays, blacks, gypsies, freemasons, etc. etc.

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  1. What's that gallows bracket for?

    Did the Nazis use it to display hanging baskets of Alpine flowers to soften the Red Cross when they were inspecting ''The Wall of Death''?


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