Sunday, 26 August 2012

Churchill Junior's Ho£ocaust gaff

Winston Churchill, his son Randolph Churchill, and his son Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill (1940 - 2010), the grandson of Winston Churchill, the "greatest Briton of all time", followed his grandfather into politics, and like his father and grandfather, was clearly a devoted Zionist.
During a speech in the House of Commons on December 12, 1989, Churchill claimed the six million consisted of not just Jews, but gypsies, communists and homosexuals. He also claimed all six million were gassed. Oh dear.
The crimes that we are discussing are among the darkest in the annals of man's inhumanity to man. No unbiased person can doubt either the horror or the scale of the crimes in which 6 million innocent civilians—men, women and children, including Jews, gipsies, Communists and homosexuals—were herded into the gas chambers of the Third Reich. Hon. Members unanimously acknowledge and condemn those crimes.

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