Friday, 31 August 2012

Dresden: The deliberate killing of refugees

Richard Crossman, British politician and Zionist, who had served in the Political Warfare Executive during WWII.
He insisted for years afterwards, that the bombing of Dresden, had been the deliberate targeting German civilians.

"It is profoundly depressing to find that the lessons we could have learned from the stupidity of unconditional surrender and the terrible waste and slaughter of strategic bombing in Germany, such as the deliberate killing of refugees in Dresden, have not been learned."
- Richard Crossman OBE, Member of Parliament for Coventry East, House of Commons, March 8, 1951

"In 1940 we thought it absolutely inhuman and a violation of every democratic right to bomb the centre of an unprotected city. Then we started preparing to do it ourselves. We started systematic plans, as my right honourable Friend the Member for Dundee, West knows very well, for what was called dehousing, which meant deliberately not bombing military targets but systematically destroying working-class areas in German towns. That was the policy of Bomber Command, it was absolutely inhuman, and it culminated in Dresden when, quite deliberately, knowing that refugees were in the town, the bombing took place."
- Richard Crossman OBE, Member of Parliament for Coventry East, House of Commons, March 4, 1954

Although a gentile, Richard Crossman was a devoted Zionist and penned the book pictured above. During WWII he had been involved in disseminating propaganda with the P.W.E. He was also one of the first British Officers to visit Dachau. Strange it should be a man involved in creating propaganda who should be the first to visit Dachau! There's probably a story in that itself.

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