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Great Churchill speech on war trials

"I am told that Germany must be punished. I ask: When did punishment begin? It certainly seems to have been going on for a long time. It began in 1943, and continued during 1944 and 1945, when the most frightful air bombardments were cast upon German cities, and when the general exhaustion of their life under the cruel Nazi regime had drained the last ounces of strength from the German race and nation."
- Winston Churchill MP, House of Commons, November 12, 1946

In 1949 Churchill actually made a donation of £25.00 (roughly $1,130.00 in today's money) to the defence fund of Field Marshall Erich von Manstein, after denouncing the "belated trial of an aged German general."
But Churchill made earlier and harsher pronouncements on the war trials of Germans. As early as November 1946, when the main Nuremberg trial had recently ended, he spoke out in parliament against the continuous war trials. I can only wonder what he'd think of Jewish groups, 66 years later, still seeking out aged men to put on trial.
Winston Churchill, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, November 12, 1946:
"In the forefront of any survey of the world stands Germany, a vanquished nation. "Stands," I said—no, prostrate, shattered. Seventy or 80 millions of men and women of an ancient, capable and terribly efficient race are in a ruined and famished condition in the heart of Europe. This confronts us with problems which at present are quite unsolved by the victors. We and the Americans continue to rule and administer the German people in our zones at extravagant and almost unbearable cost—I think in this I carry the Chancellor of the Exchequer with me—to ourselves, and with increasing dissatisfaction to the Germans. We have not been told, and I will not attempt to discuss what is happening in the Russian zone. We are all agreed that the proper course is, as I said before we separated, to make the Germans earn their own living, and make them manage their own affairs as soon as possible, and to give them all possible aid while preventing every form of rearmament. If we are agreed on that, let us enforce it. Let us stick to it and enforce it on every occasion as opportunity serves. Though we have not been informed of any attempt which has been made to forecast the form of the peace treaty with Germany, surely it is urgent to make a peace with the German people, or as many of them as lie within our spheres of responsibility. There must be an end to vengeance and retribution.
I am told that Germany must be punished. I ask: When did punishment begin? It certainly seems to have been going on for a long time. It began in 1943, and continued during 1944 and 1945, when the most frightful air bombardments were cast upon German cities, and when the general exhaustion of their life under the cruel Nazi regime had drained the last ounces of strength from the German race and nation. The Nuremberg trials are over, and the guilty leaders of the Nazi regime have been hanged by the conquerors. We are told that thousands yet remain to be tried, and that vast categories of Germans are classed as potentially guilty because of their association with the Nazi regime. After all, in a country which is handled as Germany was, the ordinary people have very little choice about what to do. I think some consideration should always be given to ordinary people. Everyone is not a Pastor Niemoller or a martyr, and When ordinary people are hurled this way and that, when the cruel hands of tyrants are laid upon them and vile systems of regimentation are imposed and enforced by espionage and other forms of cruelty, there are great numbers of people who will succumb. I thank God that in this island home of ours, we have never been put to the test which many of the peoples of Europe have had to undergo. It is my hope that we shall presently reach the end of the executions, penalties, and punishments, and that without forgetting the hard lessons of the past, we shall turn our faces resolutely towards the future."


  1. The Daily Express and the Daily Mail in 2012 highlight every new " war trial" where some senile 90 year old is put before a kangaroo court to answer charges that he was some guard at some concentration camp when he was 20 years old. No evidence of misdemeanor is made and little evidence of actual presence is needed ; any old forged KGB identity card will do.
    Maybe I will use Winston Churchill's quote from nearly 70 years ago when they ask for " readers comments " (Always heavily censored)

  2. Good find!

    I think generally Churchill was somewhat disgusted by the jewish/american hatred of the germans, while at the same time going along with it, in order to maintain the old "balance of powers" in europe - favorable to britain.
    - Atleast that seems to be the conclusion from the german foreign office white-book of 1939 concerning the origin of the war - (available in english here http://nsl-archiv.com/Buecher/Fremde-Sprachen/German%20Foreign%20Office%20-%20100%20Documents%20on%20the%20Origin%20of%20the%20War%20(EN,%201939,%20254%20S.,%20Scan).pdf )

    Anthony Kubek, who was allowed to prowl around in Morgenthaus 900 volume diary, makes the following observation:

    "At the Quebec summit conference between Roosevelt and Churchill (concerning the Morgenthau plan) in September 1944, Morgenthau was asked to explain his plan to the British. Churchill was horrified and "in violent language" called the plan "cruel and un-Christian." But Morgenthau hammered on the idea that the destruction of the Ruhr would create new markets for Britain after the war. He also promised Churchill an American loan of $6.5 billion! Churchill "changed his mind" the next morning"

    I honestly dont think Churchill fully realised just how far the american jews had planned ahead.

    As far as I can tell, and I would love to have your oppinion on this matter - the real "harvest" of the war, was completed in bretton woods. Where 44 nail-biting nations at the hight of the war, were forced to sign and submit to a completely new global financial system, (the bretton-woods system) effectively handing over both their military power and their sovereignty in matters concerning monetary policy.

    A very elaborate and sinister scheme designed by the jewish spy Harry Dexter White. - Talk about "not letting a good crisis go to waste"!

    If you know of any critical investigations into the establishment and inner workings of the bretton-woods system, I would be very interested in reading them.

    all the best

    1. Hello, and thanks for posting those links.

      I'm sorry, but I'd only heard of the Bretton-Woods system in passing, but you've certainly intrigued me, and I'd like to know more. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any stories or articles on it and do a post if I find any good leads.

      It's reminded me of a quote that Lloyd-George is attributed as making about the discussions for the Dawes Plan:

      "Agreement would never have been reached without the brusque and brutal intervention of international bankers. They swept statesmen, politicians, jurists, and journalists all on one side, and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees. This settlement is the joint ukase of king dollar and king sterling.

      - Unemployment or war, by Maurice Colbourne. 1928.

  3. I will be looking forward to such a post!

    Apparently there were a number of americans on to the scheming jewish spies and financiers backing Roosevelt. They even made some very blunt posters reading "a vote for Roosevelt is a vote for conniving jews... - Vote Gentile"

    Found this reprintet in an old NS magazine, but have been unable to locate an original print. Would be very curious to know what the text beneath the headline actually says


    1. That is interesting looking article.

      You probably already know, but Magnes in California might have one, although they don't make it very clear.

      I just found an article on the Dies Commission, which inadvertently makes the point the publishers of the poster were themselves making:

      "In view of the considerable number of Jews holding high public office in Washington, Justice Frankfurter in the Supreme Court, Secretary Morgenthau of the Treasury, Jerome Frank, newly elected
      head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a very long list of administrative officials
      and bureau chiefs, including Jesse Straus of the U. S, Housing Administration, and several members
      of the "inside" group which is supposed to have access to the Presidential ear, the partial disclosures of a wide-spread campaign to discredit the Jewish people has caused very much more of a stir in official circles than anything else the Dies committee has turned up."

      - La Porte City Progress Review (Iowa), June 1, 1939. p.6


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