Friday, 31 August 2012

Hitler and Churchill on the Autobahn

In April 1936, Winston Churchill describes Hitler's world-leading motorway system as "those great military roads where four columns of troops can march abreast." So following is some quotes from Germany's Fuehrer, and a then British Backbench M.P., on the world's first national motorway network:

"Today we stand at the threshold of a tremendous task. Its significance not only for German transportation but in the broadest sense for the German economy, too, will come to be appreciated in full only in the course of future decades. We are now beginning to build a new artery for traffic! Aspects of modern traffic will be given deserved and necessary consideration in the developments of the German motorway system. In future decades, transportation will be coupled with these great new roads that we now plan to build throughout Germany. The first step toward this goal is 6,400 kilometres long."
— Adolf Hitler, September 23, 1933 source

"When the Reich Autobahn network is completed, Germany will be able to call its own the most modern system of roads in the world by far. Tremendous evidence of peaceful progress! These measures are to be complemented by the task of creating a car for the people at large. I am happy to say that a brilliant designer has succeeded, with the cooperation of his staff, in completing perliminary plans for the German Volkswagen and will finally be able to test the first models begining in midyear."
— Adolf Hitler, February 14, 1935 source

"The capital expenditure of Germany other than for residential buildings may, therefore, be regarded as almost exclusively devoted to warlike preparations, in which, of course, I include the preparation of those great military roads where four columns of troops can march abreast, which may play a greater part in a future war than the fortifications that are being built."
- Winston Churchill, April 23, 1936 source

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