Friday, 24 August 2012

Holocaust was caused by free-speech

The University of Hertfordshire's Professor Geoffrey Short, who's being writing about the Holocaust indoctrination for decades, and Carol Ann Reed, formerly of the Holocaust Memorial and Education Centre (Canada), wrote in their 2004 book, that free speech leads to Jews being made into  sausagesbacon, coat-hangerssocksroads, road-gritterfertilizer, lampshades, soap, perfumed soapgrease, glue, wallswall insulationoil, saddles, trousers, handbags,  glovesbooks, tables & chairs, and table-cloths
"In our view, the Holocaust and the events leading up to it do contain useful lessons. They relate, for example, to the dangers of unrestricted free speech and to the demand that influential organisations, such as the Church, speak out against evil."
Short, Geoffrey & Reed, Carol Ann. Issues In Holocaust Education. Aldershot; UK: Ashgate Publishing. 2004. p.10.

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