Saturday, 4 August 2012

Jacob Schiff hails Russian Revolutionists

On July 7, 1917, the Russian newspaper Russkoye Slovo printed a message from Jewish mega-banker Jacob H. Schiff, regarding the new regime's envoys which had been sent to New York City:
"I am greatly interested in all that passes in present-day Russia, and I hail the visit of the Russian Commission to the United States with the greatest joy and interest."


  1. I only recently discovered your blog. I like it. It is very interesting. I have also been going through old newspapers to see what was said about events as they actually happened. (I am focusing on America's entry into WWI, the communist scourge, and Zionist efforts to thwart the relocation of Jews to areas other than Palestine during the late 1930's.) I have been concentrating on a few Jewish news sources and I thought I would share the links just in case you had not yet come across them:

    The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project is composed of the Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), the American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962), the Jewish Chronicle (1962-present), and the Y-JCC series (1927-1975).

    The Sentinel: A Jewish weekly newspaper (1911-1949)

    The Jewish Telegraph Agency: A Jewish news service that began in 1917. It has online articles from 1923-2008.

    1. Thanks very much. And cheers for the leads. The JTA I know, the Criterion I've used a different source for (I think), but all the others are news to me, and I'll certainly check them out.

      Here's one I chanced across recently, and haven't really investigated yet:

      Palestine Post

      The Southern Israelite

      Another Jewish one, although the search engine is temperamental:

      Wiki has a good list of online newspaper archives

      This is a good one for New York State newspapers

      If you've a website or blog, please leave a link, I'd be interested to check it out.


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