Sunday, 26 August 2012

Jewish obsession with pushing Hitler

Above is Richard Desmond, a British Jew who made his fortune as a "specialist" magazine publisher. Since November 2000, he's been the owner of the Daily Express and Sunday Express, British tabloid newspapers.
It would not be unreasonable to state, that Desmond's newspapers print outright lies, again and again. Lies which have a clear Zionist agenda.
The archives of the Daily and Sunday Express are available online, and I've been doing a little research in them.
Between October 1, 2008 and May 5, 2011 there was 809 editions of the Daily Express, and 135 editions of the Sunday Express, a total of 944 newspapers.
In just 277 of these 944 editions, did the name "Hitler" not appear anywhere within the newspaper. In the other 667 editions, "Hitler" appeared at least once, if only a brief mention in the Television Guide. Hitler's busiest month seems to have been July 2009, when the Express only neglected to mention him in the editions of the 15th and 25th.
In summary, between October 1, 2008 and May 5, 2011, in the 944 editions of the Daily or Sunday Express, "Hitler" was mentioned in 71% of them.
Below are just 96 of the articles which mention Hitler, which appeared in the Daily or Sunday Express between January 2007 and August 2012. The only requirements I insisted on whilst collecting these articles were; that they must have been about Hitler or the Nazis, and not just mention them in passing. And that the story must have been a "double-page-spread." All the articles in just the last 5½ years about Hitler or the Nazis, which only covered a single page or less, I have deliberately excluded from this collection. 
(Incidentally, you might notice parts of the articles are missing from a few I've reproduced below, that's a issue with their archives, I can't explain it.)


  1. You will find the Daily Mail is equally obsessed with Hitler and the Nazis. It usually has a Hitler ate babies for breakfast article most days.
    If you do a search of the word " holocaust" on the Daily Mail website you will find over 2000 stories where it is mentioned in the last ten years. Try doing a search on " holodomor " the genocide of the Ukranians in Stalin's USSR...references in the last ten years ...two.
    I do wonder if the Daily Mail gets paid for its " holocaust " stories.

    1. Wikipedia states that Desmond began a feud with the Mail's long-time owners Viscount Rothermere once he brought the Express. Here's some of the stories:

      "Daily Mail chief Rothermere's links to Nazis"
      - Daily Express, Feb 18, 2005

      "Why the Daily Mail must say sorry for its boss's grovelling messages to Hitler"
      - Daily Express, April 2, 2005

      I'm no expert, but I've often heard the Mail was sympathetic to Mosley.

      What's the Mail to do? There's only one way it can hope to lessen the criticism, and that's by incessantly publishing what Jews like the goyyim to be constantly reminded of.


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