Friday, 7 September 2012

ADL Hitler poster

"When certain people speak, we stand to
attention and we listen. Unfortunately 
certain people have nothing good to say.
Join us in the fight to stop 
defamation today.  Don't stand for 
hatred, stand for something better."


(Thanks to Henry for deciphering the barely legible text)

Here's the link to it. It's found on this website. You might have to click on "next image" until it comes up.

I don't believe the ADL ever used it. They didn't use the one I did for them either:


  1. ''When certain people speak, we stand to attention and we listen. Unfortunately certain people have nothing good to say.
    Join us in the fight to stop defamation today. Don't stand for hatred, stand for something better''

    Jews always take the moral high-ground then cry out in pain as they strike us.

    1. Thank you very much for your help so far. There's just one thing that's really been bugging me:

      do you have an answer to this: http://mailstar.net/holocaust-denial.html#Flaw

    2. I've sent you a very long email on that Blissentia.

      But if anyone else is interested.

      IMT doc 1472-PS, proves Myer's Bialystok Jews were deported (south)west to Auschwitz, as the Nazis had ordered "increased recruitment of manpower into the concentration camps" and 30,000 Jews were to come from Bialystok.

      Arthur Butz on the deportations that never happened. Therefore Myer's "End-Game for Holocaust Denial." Is irrelevant.

    3. I think the Butz explanation is sufficient for Peter Myers' needs.

      It's ironic how Myers (rightly) draws attention to the errors in Richard Harwood's book by referring to Lipstadt who relies on 'The Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War (1947)' yet chooses to ignore the same source re: the fate of the Hungarian Jews.

      Myers posted a series of jpegs showing pages from the ICRC report that mocked Harwood, but failed to produce those pages which destroy his own thesis based on the myth of what happened to the Hungarian Jews during Summer/Autumn 1944.

      These hard-to-find originals can be examined here:


      When Hitler defined the Big Lie and described why people are inclined to believe it he must have had the likes of Peter Myers in mind for his model.

      Myers accepts the Holocaust myth because he refuses to believe people would ever tell such an enormous lie....and that's it.

      He can't show where the Jews who weren't 'murdered' went so he casts logic aside and accepts the collective word of the very people who've always sought to profit from enormous falsehoods about imaginary crimes committed against them. We see it in action today in Israel: always the victim but never the perp. The historic record shows this to be a fact.

      The allegation of 'Holocaust' relates to the greatest of crimes, and as an Englishman I expect the fact of a 'crime' to be established beyond a 'reasonable doubt'. The fact that those who allege this crime have never been able to meet this legal test is not a problem for me - It's a problem for them, and hoodwinked fools like Myers.

      It's an iron law of logic that you don't prove a negative, but Myers insists on just that. He accepts that six million Jews died yet he can't prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. So instead, he demands that the burden of proof be shifted to those who exercise their right not to join him in fantasy insisting that they (We) produce the bodies (dead or alive) that he and the prosecution have never been able to produce in 70 years of trying to prove their case.

      Myers must know that for 45 years it was claimed that 4 million were murdered at Auschwitz, then, as if by magic, that figure was reduced to 1.5 million, and is now put at less than 1 million.

      When Mr. Myers discovers where the 3 million-plus souls who didn't die at Auschwitz spent their days, he'll finally have the answer to his question. Though I suspect he'd reject even his own conclusions in favour of a continued belief in this fiction, which he clings to like a comfortable old cardigan stubbornly refusing to see how it's riddled with holes and falling to pieces before him.

    4. Thanks for post the link to the photos of the ICRC report. And a very good summary of Myer's position. I often ask Zionists, philosemities and holocaustians; "Who started the Six Day War?" Revealingly, their indoctrination won't allow them to answer that simple question correctly.


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