Sunday, 16 September 2012

It is a Jewish war, the Nazis are right

Jewish supremacist Ze'ev Jabotinsky (1880—1940), founder of fascist sympathising Revisionist Zionism movement, wrote in his 1942, posthumously published book The War and the Jew:

"When the Nazis across the frontiers, or their hirelings in Britain and France, yell or whisper that this is a "Jewish War," they are perfectly right: the microbe of war would have died had it not been allowed to batten on the Jewish tragedy."

Jabotinsky, Vladimir. The War and the Jew. New York: The Dial Press. 1942. p.52.


  1. Shoot, winstonsmithministryoftruth is the best.

  2. Hi, allow me to say that you make an outstanding work, that been said, Where do you find all this newspapers?

    1. Very kind, thank you.

      Most of them on this blog (and there must be closer to a 1000 than 500) are from online newspaper archives that I either subscribe to now, or did in the past, i.e. newspaperarchive.com, ancestry.com, or genealogybank.com. A lot I've had to pay for from pay-per-view sites such as the NYT or LAT archive. Many I've got off microfilms myself from the British Library, or I've ordered from libraries in the U.S., but a lot are from free sites such as google news, multiculturalcanada.ca, or my favourite site: fultonhistory.com.


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