Saturday, 1 September 2012

It's that lying Auschwitz bishop again

The above picture of Germans capturing a Russian woman and girl for their brothels, was drawn by Soviet artist Dementi Shmarinov (see also here), they are from a series of pictures entitled We Won’t Forget, We Won’t Forgive! Sounds familiar.

The picture, along with others from the series, appeared in the U.S. magazine Life in its June 14, 1943 edition. Life magazine has a long history of printing ludicrous anti-German propaganda cartoons. In the March 2, 1942 edition, artistic impressions of the planned Nazi and Japanese conquest of the U.S. were published. And in the July 23, 1945 edition, Life's artist visualised the Nazis planned spacestation, which was supposedly intended to destroy Pittsburgh, by harnessing sun rays.

Interestingly, Life announced the launch of the "The Extraordinary Special State Commission for the Study of Crimes of the German Nazi Aggressors", although its name was not given, Life did mentioned by name: Alexei Nikolaevitch Tolstoy, the sci-fi author who was the first to accuse the Germans of killing people in gas vans, a man whose own cousin said of him "There was no lie, betrayal, or indignity which he would no hasten to commit in order to fill those empty pockets, and in Stalin he found a worthy master."

Also mentioned was Russian Orthodox Metropolitan (Bishop) Nikolai Ivanovitch Lomakin, who Defenders of Faith (Holocaustianity) would rather forget. The video still above is him testifying at the Nuremburg trial, he was also one of two men who signed the official Soviet report on Auschwitz, and signed the official Soviet report on the Katyn Massacre, a report which blamed the Germans for the NKVD murder of the Polish officers in the Katyn Forrest. (full details).


  1. Dear Black Rabbit,
    this is a very fascinating website. I read hundreds of your articles in the last weeks. What I like to tell you is this:
    In English you speak Roths-Child, but the meaning of the name is Rot-Schild, that means "RED SIGN". Meyer Amschel changed his name from "Bauer" to "Rothschild/Red Sign". A german author claims he did that because of the "Red Jews". Did you ever hear about that?
    You can read at wikipedia: "The Red Jews were a legendary Jewish nation that appear in vernacular sources in Germany during the medieval era until about 1600. According to these texts, the Red Jews were an epochal threat to Christendom, and WOULD INVADE EUROPE during the tribulations leading to the end of the world."
    Keep in mind that Rothschilds neighbor in Frankfurt, Jakob Schiff, financed the REDs
    in Russia, and Trotzki/Bronstein was the founder of the Red Army with the Red Flag. Red Sign (Rot(h)schild financed the Red Army, which truly invaded europe in Ehrenburg-Style.
    By chance I had the opportunity to see some rooms of a masonic lodge in germany (just entrance and staircase) but I was able to identify some communistic symbols on pictures (for example great seal of the soviet union) as well the symbols of the european union.
    May be all that stuff i´ve written here isn´t something new to you. But if not, I wanted you and the readers of that blog to know about that, and maybe you can post something about the "Red Jews".
    Please by patient with my english and continue the good work!

  2. This does not relate to holocaust claims, but do you have any good information regarding Nazi negative eugenics and sterilization programs?

    1. The reason I say this is because, as Allen Chase writes,
      "When Hitler’s Thousand-Year Reich fell in 1945, it was revealed by the German Central Association of Sterilized Persons that at least two million human beings had had been ruled in the Eugenics Courts to be eugenically unfit (dysgenic) and sterilized against their will during the twelve years of the Nazi version of [Harry H.] Laughlin’s Eugenical Sterilization Law. Under the voluntary sterilization law of the Weimar Republic overthrown by Hitler, between 1927 and 1933 a total of less than 500 Germans—about 85 people a year, most of them women whose health would have been jeopardized by pregnancy—had been voluntarily sterilized. Under the Nazis, an average of 165,000 Germans of both sexes were sterilized annually against their will—at the rate of 450 forced sterilizations per day." (The Legacy of Malthus : The Social Costs of the New Scientific Racism (University of Illinois Press, 1980). p. 135): http://books.google.com/books?ei=7gdIUJ2PBKnhiAKHr4D4DQ&id=VDQFAQAAIAAJ&dq=the+legacy+of+malthus&q=it+was+revealed+by+the+German+Central+Association+of+Sterilized+Persons#search_anchor

    2. I've not much on it. But the British did intercept messages between Berlin and Auschwitz about sterilizations there.

      The Americans were doing something similar until 1979.


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