Monday, 17 September 2012

Protocols of the AIDs-infested gays of London

"If homosexuals want to drown in their own poison, that is their right, but let them do so behind closed doors in their own AIDS-infested communities. And if Zionists and "anti-fascists" want to aid and abet them, let them do so, but not in Stamford Hill. Or anywhere else where Jews live under 613 Biblical commandments." 
"Although Jewish historians and commentators often exaggerate the full extent of persecution and suffering endured by the Jewish people throughout the ages, there can be no doubt that this suffering for them - as for many other peoples - was real."

This paper was published in London during 1994, pdf copy below:


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  2. Lol...Alexander Baron strikes again.

    This is AB (in the middle) at the Jonathan Bowden memorial night earlier this year.

    See here: http://www.digitaljournal.com/img/9/3/7/4/9/3/i/1/1/6/p-large/new-right-june-4-2012-1.jpg

    The alleged authors, 'Graeme Gable' and 'Gerry Atkinson' are in fact: Gerry Gable and Graeme Atkinson of Searchlight magazine.

    See here: http://www.civilliberty.org.uk/newsdetail.php?newsid=726

    Mr. Baron has claimed that David Irving once tried to 'give him one' up the Khyber pass.

    As you'll see from his postal details in the pdf below, AB is the owner/controller of 'Anglo-Hebrew Publishing' which issued the piece above about Lord Jacoboitz and his views on the fudge-packing industry.

    See here: http://ia600508.us.archive.org/11/items/NaziHistorianOuted/nazi-historian-outed-archive.pdf

    Here's a (inadequate) response from David Irving to some of Alexander Baron's accusations concerning himself.

    See here http://www.fpp.co.uk/docs/Irving/cesspit/Baron040998.html

    I suppose it all makes work for the working man to do, but Alexander Baron ain't no 'rabbi'...yet!

  3. Here's Alexander Baron in action, demonstrating just a fraction of his life long obsession with Gerry Gable, and I don't disagree with a word of it...


    1. Thanks for that Henry, very interesting links. I thought the pamphlet read like satire.

  4. Ha, satire, indeed. I think the whole bloody world has become a satire. God only knows how things will be when it ends.

    Alexander Baron is forever promoting the falsehood that only Zionists are the problem and that religious Jews oppose Zionism and pose no threat to non-Jews. This is Baron's mission to the 'gentiles' - especially those who have fascist or nationalist tendencies.

    His favourite 'Torah-true' Jews seem to be those who belong to the Neturei Karta sect. At least that's the group he's usually associated with but his claims extend to the other sects such as the much larger and infinitely more powerful 'Chabid Lubavitch'.

    They are all Haredi. Chabid Lubavitch is Haredi Hasidic but Neturei Karta is Haredi Litvish and its adherents originate from Lithuania.

    The name ''Neturei Karta'' is Aramaic for ''Guardians of the City'' and wasn't formed till 1938.

    Like all Haredi they don't want to do any work, just sit around all day talking bullshit about ruling the world, flogging the Goyim, and living off charity. This they did until 1938 but then a ''defence'' tax was introduced by the Jews in Palestine so to raise money to attack the Arabs. But this group of parasites refused to pay the tax and then signed a petition against it, using the collective name ''Neturei Karta'' for the first time.

    Their real problem with Israel (they say) is that it's a state with institutions like the other 'nations', whereas they claim that only when the time is right will ''Israel'' be divinely constituted. Of course, ''gentile'' means ''nation'' therefore Israel can never be a ''nation'' like other states, but will instead, rule over the nations (gentiles) once their Messiah has come. But this is merely a religious smokescreen to justify decades of work and tax evasion.

    These few videos destroy completely Alexander Baron's claim that religious Jews oppose Zionism and are harmless to our interests. In fact, Zionism is the tool of the orthodoxy, being the political/para-military wing of Judaism





    1. When I was researching for the post linked below, I checked Alexander Baron's rabbinical apologetic book "A Goy Pries into the Talmud" and his sources.

      His claims about the Libbre/Dibre David quote are simply nonsense.

      I sent him two emails, the second of which read (the 1st email was more polite):

      Dear Mr Baron

      Thank you for not bothering to respond to my previously email.

      I got hold of Bosker's "Talmudic Forgeries: A Case Study in Anti-Jewish Propaganda" and what you claim is either a lie, or idiocy, I suspect it's the latter.

      Bosker was himself a liar, he lied when he claimed Hermann Strack had checked a Dibre David published in 1671 for the quote (i.e. David ben Aryeh Leib's book). But no where does Bosker claim that the Dibre David published in 1671 was an early version of the Protocols. You wrote:

      "This quote is actually a pure fabrication; the term Libbre David is a mistranslation from a Talmudic forgery which has been going the rounds for over three hundred years."

      That's just bovine excrement.

      He never replied to that one either.

      I've found issue with his claims in this article as well.

      Although, when I posted my original comments I wasn't aware he was the author of "A Goy Pries ..."

  5. "I've found issue with his claims in this article as well. http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/318602"

    LOL...Baron will not enjoy being called a "blitherer" especially on his own page!

    David Icke is a clown on the make, and thus easy prey for hasbarats like Alexander Baron and rabbi Cohen. They also seek to mislead, though for reasons somewhat different to those of Icke.

    Like many others at the time, Baron de Rothschild considered Herzl to be a romantic nut case. He was joined in this opinion by those Zionists who took hold of the movement following Herzl's death. In fact, Max Nordau first encountered Herzl in 1895 when he was referred to Nordau's medical practice for psychiatric examination. After Herzl's death in 1904 matters between the Baron and the Zionists soon began to improve and one can call forth the greatest Zionist of all, Chaim Weizmann, as a witness to this fact.

    In the following, Weizmann speaks about the relationship between Baron de Rothschild and the Zionists:

    'Shortly before the First World War he [Rothschild] paid a visit to Palestine, and saw for himself the change that had been wrought. I met him, soon after, in Paris, when I went to see him in connection with my work for the Hebrew University. I asked him for his impressions of Palestine, and he answered me simply and honestly: "Without me the Zionists could have done nothing, but without the Zionists my work would have been dead." The rapprochement between the Baron and the Zionist movement dates from that period; he had become convinced at last that the Zionists were not simply idealistic agitators; they were capable of getting things done'.

    Source: Trial and Error: the autobiography of Chaim Weizmann. Hamish Hamilton, London, 1949, Vol I, p. 128.

    Incidentally, the "Hebrew University" that Weizmann mentions was financed by Felix Warburg; another 'anti-Zionist' who just happened to bankroll the Zionists.

    Many more examples of the vital relationship between Jewish finance and Zionism can be cited, if needed.

    1. Many thanks for all that Henry.

      I've been researching Felix Warburg a little today. He was a early promoter of the "six million Jews" in peril stories:

      As was his son Edward

      Story here from the JTA about Felix donating $50K in 1931 to the Zionist Jewish Agency

      Photo of him and Einstein at the do


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