Monday, 10 September 2012

Six or seven million killed at Auschwitz

British politician Francis Bowles (1902 – 1970), stated in the House of Commons, February 12, 1951:
I went to Poland in 1947 and visited, among other places, Auschwitz Camp. There I was told that some 6 million or more Jews and Poles and others had been put to death. I see that a Polish woman who was in the camp is writing a book in which she puts the figure as high as 7 million. I know there is a big difference between 6 million and 7 million, but let us assume it is 6 million. 

British Jewish politician Samuel Silverman (1895 - 1968), stated in the House of Commons, November 6, 1952:
Were these the same distinguished gentlemen (referring to the Red Cross) who at a later date inspected the camp at Auschwitz, where six million people were murdered, and were unable to find anything wrong? 


  1. In 2002 72year old attorney Dr. Udo Ernst August von Busekist caused a scandal, as he told at a dinner party at Deutsche Bank in Düsseldorf, that he was as a 15-year-old air raid warden (flakhelfer) in Auschwitz and visited the camp several times. He said he did not notice any atrocities or killings or things like that. He was allowed to swim in a pool and to use the sauna. This is remarkable, because Paul Spiegel, chairman of the council of jews in Germany, was also a guest at that dinner party, and Busekist must have known that he will get some trouble for talking about his auschwitz experience. He was actually sued for that by Spiegel.
    What gives me some food for thought is, that Auschwitz was liberated in January 45. But it is also possible, that the statement of busekists age is not quite exactly. It is stated different in serveral newspaper articles. Unfortunately I did not find something in English about that.

  2. In addition to my former posting:
    Now I have found an english article about that case. It is on David Irving´s website.


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