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Supposedly Holocausted Jews, off to Palestine

Sir Peter Drummond MacDonald (1895 — 1961) on the left, arriving at the Houses of Parliament
in October 1946. Video still taken from here. And an article in the New York Times, June 24, 1946

I've previously posted here about British Lieutenant-General Morgan, who in 1946 made public the fact that huge numbers of Jews were arriving in Occupied Germany from Russia, and that he knew elements within the American and Soviet governments were working with Zionists in a planned Jewish exodus of Europe. Morgan was thrown-out of the British army for speaking the truth—being "palpably anti-Semitic," as Chaim Weizmann stated—but on January 31, 1947, Morgan was defended in Parliament by Sir Peter MacDonald:

An hon. Member has made the suggestion that more Jews should be admitted to Palestine to restore order in that country. I want to bring to the notice of the Government the type of emigrant who is now going there. What did we find when we were making our investigation? We heard that in the British zone in Austria there were U.N.R.R.A. camps occupied by Jews— some of the displaced persons in connection with whom we were making our investigation—and we thought that we would like to visit them. We obtained permission from the general commanding, and we visited one camp. What did we find? We found that this camp was run under the auspices of U.N.R.R.A. A lady commandant—a very efficient lady, who had been a Labour candidate at the last Election—was in charge of this camp, and a very able commandant she made. She was as bewildered as we were, as to why she had been put in charge of this camp, because we found 5,000 or 6,000 Jews, who were there because the general commanding the American zone had asked our Commander-in-Chief if he would take these people off his hands temporarily, because his own zone was overcrowded with the same type of displaced person.
The report will tell you that these people were young, fit men, and young women, many of them pregnant, who had their origin in Eastern Poland. When Russia occupied Eastern Poland some of them were sent to Russia to work, and they worked there during the war. They were young and fit, and looked well-fed and well-clothed, and I was told by people in charge of the camp that many of them had large sums of money. They had papers—or, at any rate, the displaced person's passport—and they were thoroughly well organised. When one asked them where they were going, they all said that they were on their way to Palestine. We had to state in our report that we could not trace the origin of this organisation, but the organisation is there, and there is no doubt whatever that the Russian Government are conniving at it. These people were brought down from Poland into Czechoslovakia, where they were fitted out with passports, clothes and money, and transported into the American zones in Germany and Austria. From there, they hoped to find their way to Palestine.
This type of emigration to Palestine is not, I hope, one which the Government are being asked to encourage, because these are recruits for the Jewish Army, and that is why they are on their way to Palestine, with the connivance of the American and Russian Governments. They can have only one purpose and that is to embarrass the British Government. General Morgan reported these things before we saw them. He has now been brought home from Germany and given a bowler hat. Anyone who knows General Morgan knows full well that he is one of the most brilliant soldiers turned up by the war. He was in charge of all the detailed planning organisation for the invasion of Europe and there can be no question about the efficiency of that organisation. I saw it being assembled around my constituency for weeks, and it was the greatest piece of organisation that I had ever seen, and I have had many years service. It was a most successful piece of planning and General Morgan is the man to whom the credit for it was given by the Minister of Defence, who ought to know. Because of General Morgan's great skill as an organiser, he was selected for this job of British representative on U.N.R.R.A. He was deputy to the heads of U.N.R.R.A—first Mr. Lehman and later ex-Mayor La Guardia —and because he told the truth in regard to the exodus of Jews, through Europe, to Palestine, he was suspended. Later he was reinstated for a time and then he was dismissed from his post by ex-Mayor La Guardia, and a Mr. Cohen was appointed in his place. Now we are told that he has been dismissed from the Army and given a bowler hat—not at his own request—at the age of 53. I think that is, a scandal. We can ill afford to lose the services of men like General Morgan when the Army is being reorganised as it is today. I consider that that soldier has had a very raw deal, just because, on this occasion, he exposed this exodus of Jews through Europe. He could do nothing else, in justice to his own friends in the Forces when he saw that sort of thing going on.
I am convinced that these people who are making their way to Palestine are creating most of the trouble there. No one has control over them; they owe no allegiance to anyone. They are prepared to undertake any kind of atrocity so long as they are provided with the weapons to carry out such atrocities. I hope that when the Secretary of State for the Colonies replies he will give an answer to some of the questions put to him by my right hon. Friend the Member for West Bristol (Mr. Stanley). Members of the House on all sides are getting heart-rending letters from Palestine. The situation that exists there today cannot continue. We cannot expect a large Army—which is getting larger every day, I believe—to put up much longer with present conditions unless they are given some support and encouragement from the home Government and this House. Few have been the words of encouragement for them, said in the House up to now. We have an opportunity today to tell our people in Palestine, including the soldiers, the Civil Service and the police forces, that the Government and this House of Commons are going to support them in the future. Such encouragement will enable them to carry on one of the most arduous, thankless tasks that any troops have ever been asked to discharge in the whole history of the Empire.


  1. "young, fit men, and young women, many of them pregnant, who had their origin in Eastern Poland. When Russia occupied Eastern Poland some of them were sent to Russia to work, and they worked there during the war. They were young and fit, and looked well-fed and well-clothed, and I was told by people in charge of the camp that many of them had large sums of money."

    Scorched earth policy?

    Excellent work BRI.

  2. Microsoft supports Israel army - April 19, 2002

  3. Dear BRI,
    This "comment" has nothing to do with the above article, for which I apologize, but I just came across something BIG that I must share. If you aren't interested maybe someone else here will be.

    Have you ever heard of the fake-Christian religious cult "the Children of God," later known as "the Family?" It came out of the Jew-led "hippie" degenerate culture meltdown of the late 1960s, when it was founded by David Berg——yup, you guessed it: Jew con artist par excellence. Berg claimed to have received a devout Christian upbringing from his parents, who were clearly also completely phony closet Jews. He styled himself the "Moses" of his new religion, renaming himself "Moses David" and claiming to be "a prophet" in constant direct communication with God. This was his "divine license" to do ... the unspeakable.

    Berg was evidently driven by a distinctly Jewish combination of motives: the lust for power / prestige / tyrannical control of others combined with disgusting sexual mania, in Berg's case the desire to have unlimited sexual access to female children, ages 6-14, some of whom were his daughters and granddaughters. The cult was basically a non-stop orgy, with all members under pressure to indulge their every sexual impulse and to include their children in this climate of sexual "liberation." Sexual abuse of these children was systemic and rampant, with appalling psychological consequences for both kids and parents.

    A website put together by ex-"Family" members to expose this insanity:

    Berg's granddaughter and others talk about their molestation and ritual "marriages" to Berg. Warning: this could make you puke:

    The 'suicide note' video made by David Berg's adopted son Ricky Rodriguez, or 'Davidito,' just before his attempt to confront and kill his mother and her entourage, followed by his suicide:

  4. continuing...

    To me, the saga of "the Family" is outstanding for exposing three under-recognized themes of the "Big Picture" of Jewish activities in the world:
    1) their subversion / perversion of Christianity.
    Christian doctrine, especially when Christianity was young and vigorous (0-800 A.D.), is a magical incantation custom-designed to overcome the "Jews'" occult methods. This is why they hate it and are bent on destroying it. Their favorite method of destroying anything is "boring from within"; also, the analogy of poisoning, as in 'poisoning the well,' just pertains endlessly with them. "The Family" is a perfect example——a microcosm——of what the Jews are slowly doing to every Christian organization they can wheedle themselves into, which is ALL OF THEM. In American "Christianity" today the prevalence of crypto-Jews up to no good is simply staggering. No denomination is free of them.

    2) "Sex magic"
    Berg used sex to psychologically enslave his followers, and it is an incredibly powerful tool for doing this. The "Jews" have been using sex to manipulate people this way from time immemorial, going back much much longer ago than Moses, ergo the endless sexual weirdness of their REAL religion, Kabbalah——actually ultra-ancient Mesopotamian demonalotry and black magic tricked out with cheesy fake "tradition of Moses" pretenses. Ancient literature is rife with accounts of depraved orgy cults, e.g. Mithraism and other forms of 'gnosticism,' in which sex was clearly used the same way Berg used it. Such tales are glimpses of the incredible Eastern imperial depravity that is the real heritage of the "Jews." Today they're using these sexual methods on a mass scale, as pornography and other whoredoms now more prevalent than ever. The Jews have always been the main smut-peddlers and whore-masters on earth, largely because they're uniquely aware of / interested in their potential to hijack other people's brains.

    3) Satanism
    A couple years ago I had contact with a crypto-Jewish Jehovah's Witness who grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, whose parents were Satanists. She was ritually molested by her parents and other adults from the time she was a toddler. She said this was a deliberate technique Satanists used to induce Multiple Personality Syndrome in the next generation, as was done to them in their childhood. My gut tells me child molestation has always been a crucial ingredient of the religion of Satan, making Berg essentially a satanist and "the Family" his conscious perversion of Christianity into the antithesis of itself.

    1. Supposedly, Berg wrote:

      "Well, if they had killed six million Jews they would have killed nearly all the Jews in Europe! If that's true, I'd like to know where the Hell did all these other Jews come from all of a sudden, popping out of the walls & out of the woodwork right after the War & taking over Germany & running Berlin & Europe & the U.S.A. ever since!"


  5. Off-topic reply to an off-topic comment: beware before hanging your hat on Christianity, ancient or modern (or any other Abrahamic "faith" for that matter. Not that I'm advocating the Joy of Satan - or any other cult). See comments at

    The Giuliani shows there mentioned are also to be had CF from grizzom.blogspot.ca

  6. Anon, if that's how you feel then YOU should "beware of hanging your hat on Christianity." Me, I'll do as I please.

    BTW, Alfred Rosenberg and all his dupes thought exactly the same, and they sure did get far with that, didn't they?

    In the age-old struggle against the tyrannical mind-methods of the "Jews," no other philosophical position has achieved ONE TENTH of the historical success that Christianity has delivered. It's just mind-boggling how all the Jesus-bashers keep refusing to notice this. Or how murderously insane the Jews get anywhere near Christianity. Why do you suppose that is? How come ONLY THEY seem to figure out that Christianity is so threatening to them? This anti-Christian social climate / band-wagon you're blithely riding on, who do you think engineered this??

  7. Waddell's material in his books is fully documented.
    Consider allowing yourself to evolve.
    Listen to Giuliani's shows or more conveninently perhaps, read the relevant transcripts/show notes:
    No-one has a monopoly on the "truth".


  8. I am very familiar with Waddell the polyglot / bizarre British-imperialist fanatic PROPAGANDIST, much beloved by British Israelists, who wholesale distorted ancient history to make modern Britain the main remnant of the Mother Culture of the entire civilized world. For example, his opinion that Ogam script was really Hittite/Phoenician in origin is almost unique and very bizarre. I do value his work (among others') for demonstrating that ALL early civilizations really radiated from Mesopotamia, which I think is true, but then the way he wants to transplant this Mother Culture entirely from the ancient East to Britain is very bogus, pretty much ruins his credibility. Waddell was a master of using scholarly paraphernalia (citations, tables, illustrations, blah blah blah) to affect "brilliant scholarship," but those parlor tricks work best on dilletantes. Those who are serious eventually sort them out.

    mm, more rabid Jesus-bashing for the true addict, how special... And this guy Giuliani gets to have a CAREER spewing this claptrap in the 100% Jew-controlled radio industry, hmmm...

    "No-one has a monopoly on the "truth"."
    Goddamit, YOU are the one condescending and picking fights, and now you want to play "the Victim." How Jew-like!

    Guess what, Anon? Just a few years ago I too was an addictive Jesus-basher, trained so exquisitely for this smugness by the Jews who kidnapped me from my parents when I was three, like they do to all "Westerners" nowadays. Then one day after 15 years of struggling to know the Truth I finally learned enough Real History that the dam in my mind holding It back suddenly exploded. I suddenly understood the totality of history all at once, G-G-GULP! As this happened I was Visited, and I mean by God, and I could not give one rabbit shit what you think of this, so save it.

    I know now, in my guts, that Christianity is NOT "a lot of bullshit," and I learned this not by being brainwashed by "bible-thumpers"——even now I have no respect for those churchified morons——but through the same discipline of scholarship you're now holding out to me.


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