Friday, 5 October 2012

1921: Six Million Jews, a propagandist's guide

"The position of the Jew in Europe today is highly precarious. There are about six million Jews in Central and Eastern Europe outside of Soviet Russia. The great outstanding fact to remember in connection with this Jewish population is that it is a city and town population. They are a people who depend upon trade, commerce and industry for their livelihood. They are rarely producers of food. The collapse of the economic structure in Middle Europe has made even money valueless. Their condition is not different from what it was 800 years ago when barter was the universal manner of transacting business. Today in many parts of Europe food can be obtained only by giving to the peasants in return for it, furniture, clothing and finished products."

Above is the cover and an extract from a pamphlet apparently issued in 1921 for members of American Jewish Distribution Committee, filled with "Facts to Talk About" during public meetings. A pdf of the full pamphlet can be view here.

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