Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indoctrinating the Holocaust

"The Archbishop himself explained to us why the Church has such powers, and why it strives to keep the education of children in the hands of the clergy. He knows how important it is to impart religious instruction to young people, who are incapable of forming a reasoned judgment on the subject in which they are instructed, and who take on trust the teaching of their elders. The clergy know very well what is the result of ramming into the heads of children from seven years old upwards the ideas for which (Archbishop) Cieplak stands; by this means they catch them fast from tender years in tentacles of religion," 

— Closing Address of Public Prosecutor Nikolai Krylenko
March 21—25, 1923, Bolshevik show trial of Roman Catholic Archbishop Jan Cieplak in Moscow source


  1. Indeed the cult of the holocaust will be around for centuries in the western world as civilization slowly dies.Recently in Paris I saw many signs of the cult within a few minutes including a huge picture of WW2 Jewish children in front of the city hall, many publicity posters for a new play on Anne Frank and large new Shoah memorials with eternal flames.
    The cult is everywhere.

    1. Interesting. I've a suspicion, after reading many newspaper article from the 1950s, but have never been able to substantiate it. A lot of people whilst discussing the original Anne Frank play, claimed that she was killed in a gas chamber at Belsen.



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