Thursday, 8 November 2012

Auschwitz: Germany's Cornerstone

"All democracies have a basis, a cornerstone. For France it is 1789, for Germany, Auschwitz."

— Joschka Fischer, Germany's Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister (1998 - 2005)

In 2005 The Central Council of Jews in Germany presented Fischer with the Leo Baeck Award. Leo Baeck was the Chief Rabbi of Berlin during the Nazi-era, a Zionist, and head of the German branch of B'nai B'rith, a man who Adolf Eichmann said he wanted to call as a defence witness! During his acceptance speech Fischer said:

"It was Germans, top civil servants, who at the notorious Wannsee Conference here in Berlin in January 1942 planned the Shoah, who systematically organized and carried out the cold-blooded genocide of German and European Jewry. Had the Third Reich not been totally defeated in 1945, with all the devastation that entailed, the infamous machinery of genocide in Auschwitz and elsewhere would not have been stopped and destroyed and Europe would not have been liberated from the nightmare of National Socialism. That is the simple truth, the whole truth and for a German the bitter truth."

Fischer then went on to quote Thomas Mann, the traitorous German author—with a Jewish wife—who fled Germany in 1939 and became mixed up with New York's Jewish greuelpropagandists. The man who made a BBC radio broadcast in January 1942, informing Europe that Germany was gassing Dutch Jews. In November 1945, a Briton who'd made pro-German broadcasts was hanged for treason, but Thomas Mann, who committed the exact same offence, is today officially a hero in Germany.
Fischer quoted from a recording Thomas Mann made in the U.S., which was broadcast across Germany on May 8, 1945:

"The torture chamber into which Hitlerism made Germany has now had its thick walls broken down, revealing our iniquity to the eyes of the world. Commissions from far afield ... are presented with these .... scenes and report back home that this surpasses in horror anyone's wildest imaginings. "Our iniquity", my compatriots! For everything that is German, speaks German, writes German, has lived as a German is tarnished by the dishonour of what has been revealed. This was not the work of a mere handful of criminals, it was hundreds of thousands of a so-called German elite - men, young people, heartless women - who under the influence of insane doctrines took perverse pleasure in committing these evil deeds. ... Humanity recoils in horror. From Germany? Yes, from Germany."

Fischer went on to say that Israel is "indispensable" to Europe's security(!), and that in 1967, the Arabs attempted "to to wipe Israel off the Middle East map". Clearly referring to the Six Day War, when Israel launched a surprise attack on Egypt, destroying her entire air force whilst it was on the ground.
The speech can be read in full here

The first quote, I learnt from The Rudolf Report, I've just tracked down the cited source

Süddeutschen Zeitung, March 2, 1999, p.15

original size here — archives of the German newspaper Süddeutschen Zeitung (South German Newspaper) here


  1. Survivor from Wolzek says:
    Fischer is a typical result of the "Frankfurter Schule" (Frankfurt school), a jewish brainwashing operation designed for the first geman post-war generation to make them hate their own country and people. The german newspaper "Die Welt" (The world) reviewed his book "Germany as a risk" as following: "Germany must be narrowed down from outside and thinned down by immigration from inside".
    Fischer and many other politicians of his generation push mass immigration to make the european peoples become minorities in their own countries. Because of the inexingusihable guilt of holocaust, of course.
    He is also a buddy of the jewish (but catholic raised) Madeleine Albright, which defends the death of 500.000 Iraqui children as a "price that´s worth it".
    Albright also has artwork stolen from an expelled german family from prague in her home. The family´s name is Nebrich.
    Joschka Fischer, a member of so the so-called pacifistic green party of germany, also complained about the current german government for not joining the bombing of lybia.
    This is my favourite footage of Fischer

  2. my favourite you tube channel is this one; helps if you are fluent in German. A lot of the site is blocked or restricted but it offers an intelligent but humorous counterblast to the Marxist orthodoxy of the modern BRD.


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