Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Jew who dropped the atomic bombs on Japan

Jacob Beser, a member of the "aristocracy of Jewish families" in Windsor Hills, Baltimore.

John Hopkins Magazine, April 2007.

"Jacob Beser, Eng '48: After "Fat Man" and "Little Boy": A Lifetime of No Regrets
[...] Beser served as radar countermeasures officer on both the Enola Gay and Bock's Car, the B-29 bombing missions that dropped atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and August 9, 1945, respectively.
Prior to the bombing missions, the Baltimore native worked on the Manhattan Project and helped design the proximity fuse that served to detonate "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" before they hit the ground. Needless to say, Beser had a story to tell, and he wanted to tell it. However, cancer took his life in 1992. He was unable to complete a book project that he thought would set the story straight on both missions and on how he and the crew felt about their role in history. They had no regrets."

"he often said he would do it over again if the same conditions existed"

St. Mary's Cathedral, Nagasaki, Japan. Once the largest Catholic church in East Asia.

"slay the inhabitants of a city that has become idolatrous and burn that city"

— One of the 613 Jewish commandments (Christianity = idolatry)


  1. The late British historian, A J. P. Taylor records that the Americans were short of vital information for creating the bomb, therefore during the first Quebec conference (1943) Roosevelt gave the British (Churchill) a veto on the use of the weapon in return for the information that the US needed. However, when it came to take the decision to deploy the bomb(s), Roosevelt was dead and Churchill was out of office, so President Truman, who according to his own diaries, viewed the Jews with absolute dread, told PM Atlee that as far as he was concerned the old deal did not carry over to his Presidency and was no longer valid.

  2. That area of Baltimore hasn't been Jewish for over 50 years. BTW, Nagasaki has a very interesting Catholic history:


  3. Barry Levinson grew up around there btw and made 4 films about the area. For instance:


  4. "We can certainly assume that the atomic bombs were not dropped at random. So the question is inevitable: why is it that for the second slaughter, out of all the possibilities, that very city of Japan was chosen where Catholicism, apart from having its most glorious history, was also the most widespread and firmly established?" -Cardinal Biffi

    source: http://chiesa.espresso.repubblica.it/articolo/173602?eng=y

  5. I remember a documentary I´ve seen back in 1996 or 97 or so on the french-german TV-channel "arte". It was about Los Alamos and the atomic bomb. And I remember clearly that there was told, that most of the involved physicians and scientists were Jews which spent their spare time with numerological, kabbalistic studies. I thought: Wow, I wonder that they say something like this on TV, but it was late in the evening, after midnight.

  6. I have been around some of these people. Once met an elderly woman that worked as secretary in Los Alamos and her husband worked in the Lab. She eventually became a CIA agent during the Cold War in Germany working for a Radio Station spreading propaganda. Definitely all Jews. She considered herself an atheist but was married to a Jew. She wrote a little book about her life. I still have a copy that she gave me. She seems to edit papers for some Civil Rights organization. Very well connected people in the US politics, with lots money.


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