Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Kabbalah at Death Camp Belzec

This is the very impressive memorial, opened in June 2004, at the site of the former Nazi death camp Belzec, where, the museum claims, approximately 500,000 Jews were gassed.

This is the museum at the memorial. At front of the building is a information desk/gift shop, where I brought a pamphlet about the camp during my visits there on October 29/30, 2012. I spotted that on a shelf at the back of the information desk / gift shop, they had a multi-volume edition of The Zohar, the bible of the Kabbalah. 

I asked the Polish guy working there, all innocent like, "What are those books on the shelf?" He said they were The Zohar, part of the Talmud, Jewish holy books. (I didn't feel it necessary to point out that the Zohar is not part of the Talmud.) He also told me that they were not for sale, but he pulled one of the volumes from the shelf and handed it to me, and allowed me to take these photos of it.


  1. Les Juifs impulsent de la magie noir kabbalistique partout où ils le peuvent, c'est un vice chez eux. l'emprise est ainsi plus forte...Du show-bize à la morbidité de l'holocauste.

  2. What is that in the background of the first picture?

    1. It's the memorial at Belzec.

      It's huge, I've got dozens of photos and film footage of it which I'll be uploading soon.


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