Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Rothschild Masonic Lodge

The above image captured from Google earth, is the Masonic Hall in Ripon Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, which is 36 miles north-west of Charing Cross (the central point of London, map). The building was dedicated on May 3, 1882.

Buckingham Lodge No.591, the oldest still existing Lodge in Buckinghamshire (est.1852), currently meet in the hall (pdf), and a Masonic Lodge founded by, and named after one of the Rothschild banking dynasty, has meet in this building for 120 years.

The "Ferdinand Rothschild Lodge, No. 2420" was consecrated on May 30, 1892, by the Deputy Provinicial Grand Master of Buckinghamshire. The new Lodge was named after Ferdinand James von Rothschild.

In March 2008, a New York auction house, sold a "Past Officer's Jewel" (a sort of medal), awarded by "Ferdinand Rothschild Lodge 2420." Unfortunately the photos of the medal are no longer available on their site, or accessible through wayback machine, but the medal is described by the auction house as:

Attractive construction with enameled central badge bearing the Rothschild Arms, T-square and Pythagorean symbol hung below. Suspended on a pale blue moiré ribbon adorned with a crowned arrow bundle and top-bar with the Latin legend: QUARTUS ET TRIGESIMUS (fourth and thirtieth).

The Ferdinand Rothschild Lodge 2420 is still going today, as can be confirmed on the List of Chapters section of the website of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Buckinghamshire. The above images are taken from their website and their leaflet (pdf). Also, in 1987, a Doug Sinclair, became "Worshipful Master" of the Ferdinand Rothschild Lodge (pdf), and the Lodge number: 2420, is not amongst the 1459 Lodges listed as "Closed" on the May 2011 Historical Records Survey, by Len Reilly of the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, London. His paper entitled: Erased Masonic lodges and their surviving records (pdf), proclaims "This table lists all Masonic lodges under the United Grand Lodge of England that have been closed (in Masonic terminology, erased) between 1894 and 2010".


  1. Very interesting. Is there a reason why these lodges are supposed "closed"? Are these people going underground for awhile? There is not doubts that Freemasonry is a Jewish creation that works as an international mafia to control the planet.

    1. One example:

      Lodge: 2238
      Lodge Name: Rewa Lodge of Viti
      Location: South West Pacific (!)
      Formed: 1887
      Erased: 2008
      Reason: Erased

      Many of those listed were in India, S.Africa, Australia, NZ or on a Pacific island.

      Reading thru the list on the pdf I linked, I'd guestimate that around 40% of those listed as "erased" state as the reason "Grand Lodge formed". Another common reason is "amalgamated with" So & So lodge.

      But many just state "erased", meaning closed in Masonic speak. It's likely many had to shut down due to lack of members in certain areas. Many of these closed Lodges were in Northern England, in towns/cities which were 19th century success stories, but by the mid-20th century, they were shadows of their former-selves, once their commercial significance (i.e. shipping, ship-building, mining, cotton weaving) was gone. So essentially the Masonic types (not poor people) just don't live around those areas anymore i.e Detroit.


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