Friday, 21 December 2012

1937: "the position of the six million Jews"

David J. Schweitzer (photo source)

In 1937, Russian born American Jew David J. Schweitzer, vice-president of the European Executive Council of the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, had deep feeling and understanding about "the position of the six million Jews of Central and Eastern Europe with whose existence the J.D.C." was "so vitally concerned."
Which is fitting, as Felix Warburg, Bolshevik-financing mega-banker, and former chairman of the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, had also been concerned about the position of six million Jews, in 19141919, 1920, and 1936. In 1926 and 1930, he wanted to raise, exactly $6,000,000, for Jewish causes. In 1941, Felix's son Edward, chairman of the NY branch of the JCD, was also worried about 6,000,000 Jews.

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