Thursday, 13 December 2012

Heil Hitlering at the Zionist Congress

Future first-Prime Minister of Israel David ben Gurion, addresses the 19th Zionist Congress

All hell broke lose at the 19th Zionist Congress in Lucerne, Switzerland, when a "Heil, Hitler" shout was made after the Congress voted that they would not even allow any discussion of the 1933 pact that had been signed by the Zionists and Nazis known as the Haavara (Transfer) agreement. Zionists still do not like talking about their collaborations with the Nazis to this today.


  1. You really struck pure GOLD here. This is a big piece of the puzzle and it's time the intellectually honest start connecting ALL the pieces and understand what the Zionists have been hiding in plain site.

    Eustace Mullins said the TRUE ORIGIN of the word "NAZI" came about because of all these collaborations.

    See Eustace Mullins on NAZI Origins

    All documentation shows "The Final Solution" in Germany was one of emigration and or deportation of radical Jews living in Germany NEVER extermination.

    This reaction to Talmudic Jews is a similar pattern that has occurred all over Europe throughout history. Jews eventually get expelled out of Nations because of their BAD behaviors.

    The word NAZI Mullins claimed was simply an abbreviation developed from the collaboration between the NAtional German Socialists and the ZIonist Jews, hence the word to describe this agreement was: NAZI.

    This makes perfect sense. Hitler wanted the radical Communist/Talmudic Jews OUT OF Germany and The Zionists led by Rothschild needed Jews to emigrate to Palestine but Jews didn't want to leave Germany and other European Nations because they were wealthy and prosperous.

    The idea that Hitler wanted to exterminate all Jews is an utter fabrication by Zionism enforced by the Holocaust Religion.

    Hitler's bankers were Jewish, His doctor was Jewish, there were Jews that served in the SS, Gestapo, Hitler's secret police, Generals, Field Marshals, Jews served in Concentration camps etc. See: Hitlers Jewish Solders By Bryan Mark Rigg. Hitler didn't have a problem with ALL Jews only Jewish Communism.

    1. My understanding is, is that 'Nazi,' was Bavarian slang for 'Nationalsozialistische.'

      According to Jewish historian Edwin Black, when Hitler took power, less than 2% of German Jews supported Zionism.

    2. Actually "Nazi" is simply the first two syllables of the German pronunciation of "national", used as a (slang) abbreviation. This sort of abbreviation is not uncommon, for example "Amis" was used for Americans.


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