Monday, 10 December 2012

Meet the Auschwitzs

Ted Auschwitz's 1976 graduation photo from Central Missouri State University. Here he is in the 1975 Year Book, in the 1974 Year Book, he's one of the "Underclassmen", which is a bit too close to Untermensch for my liking.

Above is Jim Auschwitz (left), in the 1972 Year Book for Oklahoma State University

This appeared in a Florida newspaper in 1898.

I found loads more people called Auschwitz on ancestry.org
but the above is more than enough of that sort of thing.

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  1. Remember this was before the " holocaust" became the state religion of the western world. Indeed before 1978 the term Holocaust was never used; it came with the mini series of that name.
    The state indoctrination of this cult only really started in the 1980s and now of course it is everywhere although apparently " peak holo " was in 2001 it doesn't seem like it.
    PS Happy Shoah ..well shoah day is coming soon in January


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