Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Model of Treblinka photos

Below are my photos taken October 25, 2012, of the model of Treblinka II 'the death camp', which is in the museum at the Treblinka memorial.

Key to the model

Building with the Star of David above the door is the "new gas chambers", and the building in-front of it is the "old gas chambers." enlarged


  1. Nice model paid for by certain groups who conspire together to lie in order to promote the existence of an illegal colonial regime in the middle east.
    In the first picture on the wall we see many pictures of cranes which for the unsuspecting are used to convey the impression that these were used to dig up the 700,000 gassed victims to burn them.
    The new improved gas chamber has the garage doors as per the story but where is the submarine engine supposed to be? After all the legend suggests in Treblinka they were all killed by the diesel fumes produced by a submarine engine. Unfortunately diesel fumes despite what we may commonly believe are not toxic compared to petrol engines. I think the original story teller had just watched a Wochenschau and decided to use the story.

    See at 3.45 in this Wochenschau


    1. The Deutsche Wochenschau was shown in every cinema in Germany and the occupied countries in their respective languages before the main film every week. It was equivalent to the BBC in 1960s as a monopoly provider of information. This episode with the " poisonous submarine fumes " necessitating masks went out in late 1941 and would have been shown in cinemas from Warsaw to Bordeaux. I would imagine that Jankiel Wiernik would have seen it in the cinema in the Warsaw ghetto.

  2. Was that made from a Legos kit?
    Looks like fun!

  3. OT: Otto Uthgenannt, another fake holocaust survivor, admits "Mistake".

  4. A zoo. But no crematories. A simple cremation grid as the culmination of the German technology. What an efficient "pure extermination camp"!

  5. And where is the "timber yard"? Mountains of wood would be needed to cremate 900,000 dead bodies. The timber yard should occupy a very big part of the camp....

    1. Did you not hear what SS Judge turned canary Konrad Morgan stated at the IMT:

      "By means of a special process which Wirth had invented, they were burned in the open air without the use of fuel."

      Immediately next to the Sobibor museum is a lumber yard. On the platform Jews were unloaded at, they now load timber. Huge amounts of it.

      I'll post some pictured this week. Here's a taster, but you're spot on, some of these are precisely what's missing from the model above:

    2. The pyre looks like Yom Kippur's sacrificial rites "for the sins of all of Israel" (Adovah ceremony). It doesn't look like a German advanced technology...



      SS Judge Konrad Morgen also located the alleged homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz at Monowitz (Auschwitz III) and not at Birkenau (Auschwitz II) just as the Soviet reporter Boris Polevoi did when he first reported the liberated 'Death Factory' at Auschwitz in February 1945.

    3. Morgan corrected his Monowitz (one of the 40ish camps collectively called Auschwitz III) slip at the 1964 Frankfurt-Auschwitz trial, describing Krema II in uncanny detail, considering that 18 years earlier he'd insisted: "By "Extermination Camp Auschwitz" I did not mean the concentration camp. It did not exist there. I meant a separate extermination camp near Auschwitz, called "Monowitz.""

      To be accurate, Polevoi didn't specifically mention Monowitz. He dreamt-up a electrocution conveyor-belt which fed a blast furnace with a constant supply of corpses, at what could only have been Birkenau.

  6. "To be accurate, Polevoi didn't specifically mention Monowitz. He dreamt-up a electrocution conveyor-belt which fed a blast furnace with a constant supply of corpses, at what could only have been Birkenau."

    I wasn't referring to the conveyor-belt which only proves he had been instructed to lie. I was referring to the gas chambers he reported in the Pravda as follows:

    "The stationary gas chambers in the eastern part of the camp were restructured, even little turrets and other architectural embellishments were added so that they would look like innocent garages." (http://www.fpp.co.uk/Auschwitz/docs/Pravda020245.html)

    But Birkenau is not in the Eastern part of the complex of Auscwhitz. It is in the Western part of it (http://www.melissakagen.com/music_at_auschwitz/images/auschwitzfullcamp.png). And even if Polevoi had referred to Birkenau, he would have been wrong anyway because Krema II, III, IV and V were all located in the western part of the subcamp of Birkenau (http://vho.org/tr/2003/1/Image1099.gif).

    8,000 liberated 'witnesses' and not even one able to tell Polevoi where these gassing slaughterhouses were located...

    1. I meant Birkenau just for the electrocution conveyor-belt.

      For the gas chamber/garages. He might have been referring to the garages in Auschwitz I.

      He wrote:

      "The territory of the camp occupied tens of square kilometers and in recent years had grown to absorb the towns of Makowice, Babice, and others."

      But are these accurate spellings?

      There's a 'Gmina Babice' seven miles ENE of Monowitz. But I can't see anything resembling a "Makaowice" close to Auschwitz.

    2. "For the gas chamber/garages. He might have been referring to the garages in Auschwitz I.

      Maybe he was referring to these garages. But anyway this mistake proves there were no homiciadl gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Can you imagine Polevoi arriving at Auschwitz, interviewing some of the thousands liberated inmates and being unable to locate the death factories where thousands of jews had allegely died each day? If there had been huge homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the first thing the 'survivors' would have told and showed Polevoi would have been these destroyed former 'death factories'. I can't believe these 'survivors' saw thousands of their fellow inmates disappear in the Kremas every day and simply 'forgot' to tell Polevoi about these terrible places when they were interviewed. If these gassing death factories had really existed, it would of course have been the first thing the 'survivors' would have told and showed when Polevoi asked them to testify about "Nazi atrocities". Moreover Polevoi was there to report the alleged Nazi atrocities. If liberated prisoners had told him about these huge gas chambers, he would have insisted to see these places with his own eyes and so he would have been able to locate them properly.

      If a man broke into your house and killed your family, would phone the cops, tell them a man broke a window of your house and forget to tell them your relatives lay dead in the cellar of your house?


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