Saturday, 22 December 2012

Moses lives

Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth, parts the Red Sea.


  1. Black Rabbit, I am certainly a fan of this website,the amount of research ,and the quality of information is exceptional..I always give credit and link if posting the occasional comment somewhere.

    I am just curious,if you have come across any sourced material on Hitler and gun control laws of the Third Reich? There is so much disinformation and lies out there,a swell as people who either hate or worship Hitler. I see this site as objective as there is....

    1. Hi Krew. Many thanks.

      To be honest, it's not something I knew much about, as I'm British, gun ownership laws have never really been of much interest to me. But I certainly sympathise with Americans about the latest attack on your Constitution by God's Chosen People.

      I did spot this article linked on the IHR yesterday, and have now read it. It's by William L. Pearce (who wasn't too objective in my opinion), but it's well written, and he even reproduced in English, two Germans Laws about firearm ownership, one from 1928 and one from 1938.

      It seems that the Nazi 1938 reforms of the 1928 Laws, barred gypsies, but not Jews from owning guns!

      But it's well-worth reading. If Pearce is correct, Hitler just relaxed the gun ownership laws.

      I had a search thru The Complete Adolf Hitler, to see if he personally said anything on it. But if he did, it's not featured in this abridged English version.

      thanks again.

  2. Thank you...I find William Pearce is usually,but not always on the mark. Much of his knowledge came before the internet age,which is admirable..Unfortunately his attitude is one the "God's chosen " inevitably bring out in people through recorded history. They just don't know when to stop. In fact they seem incapable of it. The latest "shooting" is just another example ...As far as Hitler goes,I can't find much of anything in direct quotes,but the laws show that modern mass media is once again blatantly lying.

    I try not to watch tv,or listen to the radio,never the less American media is ripe with Nazi this, Hitler that,...oy vey


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