Thursday, 27 December 2012

Satanism at Death Camp Sobibor

Rather irrelevant post here, but if you're after strictly scholarly revisionism, you're looking at the wrong website.

Above is an image from Google Earth of the village of Sobibor Stacja (photo/map, 'Stacja' I believe means 'station'), and Sobibor, the former Reinhardt "death camp" where 250,000 Jews were murdered with the exhaust fumes of a captured Soviet submarine engine. I've overlaid a few of my photos: 'A' is the memorial, apparently called "Ash mountain" which is fairly large, I counted 218 paces when I walked around it. 'B' is the Sobibor train station, 'C' is the Sobibor museum, and 'D' is the memorial at the entrance to the former camp. The Baphomet inverted-pentagram indicates the Satanic hangout I chanced across when I visited the camp in early November 2012.

(enlarged) Behind this building is the building pictured below.

(enlarged)  As you can see, someone has written "TIME TO DIE" on the
inside of the door, which has subsequently been kicked off its hinges. 

(video still) Inside the small one-storey building is a lot of morbid
graffiti—considering its location—mostly written in English.

(enlargedThis seems to be a deception of a Christian tombstone. Perhaps that
is a skull and a hand in the bottom left, or maybe I'm reading things into it.

(enlargedSpot the inverted pentagram (there were more), along with the slogan "LIFE FOR LIFE DEATH FOR DEATH." And "PANDEMONIUM" is the name John Milton, in his epic Paradise Lost, gave to Satan's palace in hell. Apparently Milton (a Puritan) based Pandemonium on St. Peter's Basilica!

(enlarged) I thought at first this was supposed to be Satan, but now I suspect it might
be Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, who use to wear a similar hat.


  1. Anton LaVey was Jewish I believe. Satanism is very common among Jews. They love the 666 number and used it all the time.

    1. Yes, he was Jewish.

      He plagiarised much of his 'The Satanic Bible' from 'The Might is Right'.

  2. MELINA RULES: Where is Svastica??? There is paint sunwhell above damage stove!!! This is us old place, your name "MELINA" - Pagan/Satanic Forest Circle!!!!


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