Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wilhelm "The Devil of Auschwitz" Boger

Defendant Wilhelm Boger — nicknamed "the Devil of Auschwitz" (and "the tiger of Auschwitz") by former inmates — tore babies from their mothers' arms and tossed them alive onto gasoline-sprayed piles of burning bodies "where they rolled around like little fire balls."
"Doctor" Josef Klehr, a day laborer before becoming an enlisted SS medical aide, forced young boys to hold their struggling fathers while the defendant stabbed their elders' hearts with a hypodermic needle containing lethal carbolic acid.


  1. The propaganda was much easier in those days ie the 1960s with AP ( associated press) being very much a monopoly provider. The Associated Press (AP), which sells content to newspapers, is currently under the control of its Jewish vice president and managing editor, Michael Silverman, who directs the day-to-day news reporting and supervises the editorial departments. Silverman had directed the AP's national news as assistant managing editor, beginning in 1989. Jewess Ann Levin is AP's national news editor. Silverman and Levin are under Jonathan Wolman, also a Jew, who was promoted to senior vice president of AP in November 2002.
    Therefore we have the same old fairy stories cropping up time after time. Once you control the media it is very easy.

    1. Are you familiar with this? You've addressed the author before, but here is something new: http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.de/2011/04/c-arlo-mattogno-and-inconvenient.html

    2. >>>> "Are you familiar with this?"

      No I wasn't. I wonder what the rest of the letter says.

      >>>> "Thus one helps out with a multitude of ovens or muffles and by stuffing full the individual muffle with several corpses,"

      In Auschwitz during August 1942, a typhus epidemic broke out, claiming 8,600 lives in August and 4,500 in September (Mattogno CFS p.58). The letter is dated September 14, 1942.

      Severe emaciation is a symptom of typhus, so 10,000+ bodies which would have been cremated at Auschwitz in the six weeks immediately prior to to that letter being penned, would have been severely emaciated corpses.

      Holocaust lore promulgates that the overwhelming majority of the claimed 1.1m (down from the original 4m) people who were killed at the Auschwitz camps, were gassed, immediately after their arrival in Auschwitz II (Birkenau). Therefore they would have not been severely emaciated from having caught typhus.

      The letter must be understood in the context of what was happening at Auschwitz when it was written, and not ripped out of its context and used in futile attempts to substantiate ridiculous claims from former Auschwitz sonderkommandos like Alter Fajnzylberg a.k.a. Stanislas Jankowski, who claimed each muffle could hold 12 corpses.


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