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Early Dachau article: No gas chamber mentioned

photo source, and more more details of her here.

Below are photographs of an article entitled "Are Germans Human?" which appeared in the July 1945 edition of Woman's Home Companion magazine, published by the Crowell-Collier Publishing Company of Park Avenue, New York City. The article was written by American war-correspondent Patricia Lochridge after her trip to the Bavarian town of Dachau, and its sensationalised concentration camp.
I originally wanted to track down this article due to its title, and Lochridge certainly had nothing but contempt for the Germans—even the children—she meet in Dachau, but what is really startling about her description of the Nazi horror camp, is the conspicuous absence of any mention of the gas chamber.
Lochridge writes in the article of being escorted around the town of Dachau by an "interpretor sergeant", and meeting several Germans. She states: "The Americans liberated the camp three days earlier ...". Dachau was surrendered to the U.S. Army on April 29, 1945, meaning Lochridge likely toured the Dachau camp and town on May 2, 1945. 
On May 15, 1945, a report on Dachau, in which the gas chamber featured, was presented to the U.S. Congress. 


  1. I think this whole article is just a big lie written by the U.S. Military propaganda dept. (whatever branch was used) and Patricia Lochridge put her name on it. Or they put her name on it. Everything was controlled and this kind of thing did not go out on it's own. Probably many if not most of the quotes from the German public are fake, just made up.

    I think you should do a better job of interpreting the obvious propaganda you post here. A lot of it does more harm than good as far as educating your readers to understand it's real purpose.

  2. It looks like an article that could easily appear in a modern MSM newspaper such as the Daily Mail. Small alteration here or there and hey presto another Hitler ate babies for breakfast story for Daily Mail readers.

  3. The article was probably written by "Dr. Seuss".

  4. <>

    I doubt that there is anything that you can trust coming out of NY. In my entire life I have never met any person from NY that is not always trying to "beat" the system. And a publishing company from NY, it is a Kosher business for sure.

  5. Excellent work as always. The meaning is crystal clear - the gas-chamber narrative was cooked-up between May 2 and 15. Please don't dumb-down your reporting for the likes of Carolyn.

    BTW you have produced an invaluable resource here. Have you considered posting a zip archive, periodically updated, so that in the event of the blog being taken-down your work will not be lost. For example: http://mailstar.net/offline.html

    1. Thanks for that. XD

      I don't know anything about zip archives, but I'll certainly look into it.

    2. Rabbit,

      I second that request. Consider Using
      The Archive.org
      It's FREE and has heavy traffic.
      Here are a couple of an examples. File it under Open Source and tag it with as many words to pull researchers to you infom



    3. I repeat, to Anonymous - this was psychological operations. You want to overlook that because you imagine you've found "proof" that the gas chamber narrative was "cooked up between May 2 and May 15." You have found proof of nothing. In an article in Ladies Home Companion magazine by a supposed female journalist?!! Give me a break. It's interesting, but needs to be put into perspective as the Allied propaganda that it is. You are pushing nonsense.

    4. Where is page five? There is nothing on the two pages you show that says anything about May 2 and May 15.

    5. "You are pushing nonsense."

      Yes, you are. As ever.

  6. Good stuff, BR. Do you happen to have a list by any chance of the "survivors" who testified about "gas chambers" in German camps? Many thanks as always for the outstanding digging.

    1. Thank you.

      Blimey, that would be a BIG list.

      I don't, but, the following if from 'Defenders of the Faith' Holocaust Controversies, who are very knowledgeable, but they do spiritedly defend the gas chamber hoax, so they will omit testimony which discredits the overall hoax. For example, I can't find these two gas chamber survivors (one of whom testified in court in 1945) on their lists cited below:

      This list they've dubbed: "Testimonies of prisoners (hearsay) on mass extermination in Auschwitz"

      And see under heading "Post-liberation testimonies of Sonderkommando prisoners [eyewitness]" on this link:

      Both of these lists of survivors' testimony, are purely about mass-killings at Auschwitz I and II.

    2. BR, perhaps I could compile one that would be useful. I am in awe of your researching skills and wonder what you would suggest as the places to focus. Thanks as always.

    3. Thanks for the compliment, but to be brutally honest, there's nothing special about what I do at all.

      Compiling a list of people who have testified about the gas chambers, would be and immense job. Even if you restrict it to just those who have testified in a court, or provided affidavits used in a trial, I'd guess that you'd probably be talking about several thousand people, in umpteen different languages, for which you will very seldom find an English translation.

      My blog is mostly about old propaganda stories in the English language newspapers around the globe, or embarrassing claims made in books by leading "experts".

  7. What would have been the amount of deaths per year of Jews in Germany and it's surrounding areas had it not been for WW2. Through some books that I have read the atrocities committed by the Russians during the Bolshevik Revolution' plus the ill treatment of German POW are very similar to those that are said happened to the Jews. People seem to forget that toward the end of the war the British blockade did not permit food to get by and as a consequence all of Germany was starving, not just the Jews. I would like to take every photograph related to the Holocaust and break it down for authenticity. I believe that the actions taken by all sides were a sign of the times but then again why do you see it happening all over again.


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