Wednesday, 27 February 2013

High Hitler School Musical


  1. Great find ! In the first paragraph it states that it was previously thought that anti Nazi demonstrations were confined to the US East coast and were " ignorantly " claimed to be paid for by Jews and Communists.Well you do wonder who else paid for them! I m sure this party was likewise supported by the usual crowd for propaganda purposes.
    I see the Daily Mail today has two "Holocaust" related front page stories to make up for yesterdays absence


  2. something which won't appear in the Daily Mail, probably because its true.

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    1. I do like that one. I've got a large version of it here:

  4. Funny.

    It demonstrates that no place in America had been spared by the jewish anti-German propaganda at that time. Those young people already looked totally ready to go to Europe in order to die for jewish interests.

  5. The article like all LIFE propaganda is disingenuous. The party was organised by phi sigma kappa soriety at the university. This student club has branches throughout the US and is as Kosher as you can be.

  6. Anonymous - please think before you shove your foot into your mouth as it seems to reveal that the ignorance you spew is laughable.

    The Phi Sigma organization is a fraternity not a sorority. You are entitled to your opinion but at least be educated in your response --this particular fraternity is by no means Kosher -- by all accounts the Jewish population is all too scarce at WVU -- especially in that era.

    Regardless, who cares -- why is a simple frat party -- held over 70 years ago even relevant. As for propaganda -- I think the Nazi party had the handle on that one. History does not lie and all opinions are revelant - no one won WWII - but maybe we can all learn from the mistakes made by all.

    1. I could be wrong but I think he meant "society", not sorority.

      Also, like most/all such societies/fraternities/sororities/brotherhoods it has it's origins with Freemasonry and other occult societies built out of ancient Jewish mysticism.

      Thus, if true, they would be what the National Socialists referred to as "artificial Jews", not practicing the Jewish faith or even identifying as Judaic but followers of a Jewish ideology nonetheless(Christians, Hindu's, Muslims, etc. can all be "artificial Jews" as Masonry and all of it's offshoots are cosmo-political - within the orders there are only "brothers" and "sisters").

      Even if not true the fact National Socialism took such a view of such societies naturally makes them unfriendly to the National Socialist political and ideological machinations, so they had every reason to provide anti-Nazi propaganda such as this.


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