Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rabbi Gordon on intimacy with 3 year old girls

Original footage here, kosher source for the text he's reading from here, an old post of mine on this particular law here.


  1. If you are looking for a new book to read perhaps this might be of interest:


    1. lol, I'm sure revisionism is thoroughly trounced in its 279 pages!

      (sarcasm implied)

    2. That's why I recommended it.

  2. Remove the anti-Semitic/ provocative, cynic vid-stuff/ Banner and assort all thte great important material You collected in a more clearly manner maybe...? Who cares about insane Rabbis..all Your aspects, facets and facts about WW2-/Holohoax-sources, frauds and backgrounds such as the sci-fi-author who "knew" about the infamous "Gasvans" are too important to be clouded...

    @The Black Rabbit, I thank You, I learned very much disturbing, horrifying but through and through important facts on Your blog!!!

    Another tip, maybe set up a tab with important links...? Here're some of my favorites:

    http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/index.html (Scroll down and see the "jewish" OTTO UTHGENANNT-"mistaken-identity-oops!-Hoax" there...lol)
    http://robertfaurisson.blogspot.de/ (sadly too much french there though...)

    I read DDuke as well, but I'm no anti-Semite..

    Have it good!

    1. What makes this site interesting is good research and newly revealed facts. Stories of rabbis with 3 year olds falls into the category of Tabloid propaganda. You should also be careful when posting such stories and bare in mind the case of the Heretical two.

    2. What's the case of the "Heretical Two"? Mengele stitching gypsy "Pets" together...?

    3. http://downwithjugears.blogspot.co.uk/2009/01/help-heretical-two.html

  3. I studied some names linked to the Bolshevist-RED TERROR-episode of Soviet ruled Russia, and interestingly noted how often top jewish Bolshevist Leaders had multiple names:

    Leon Trotsky = Lev Bronstein
    Karl Radek = Karol Sobelsohn
    Lev Kamenev = Rozenfeld
    Béla Kun = Béla Kohn
    Grigory Zinoviev = Ovsei-Gershon Aronovich Radomyslsky Apfelbaum
    Maxim Litvinov = Max Wallach
    Yakov Sverdlov = Jeshua-Solomon Moishevich Sverdlov
    Moisei Uritsky
    Alexander Parvus = Israel Lazarevich Gelfand
    Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda = Enokh Gershevich Ieguda
    Lazar Kaganovich
    Abram Aronovich Slutsky
    Sergey Mikhailovich Spigelglas or Spiegelglass or Shpigelglas
    Polina Zhemchuzhina (Molotovs Wife) = Perl Karpovskaya
    Aleksandr Mikhailovich Orlov = Lev Feldbin
    Mark Zborowski
    Angelica Balabanoff (or Balabanova)

    Yakov Yurovsky = Jankel Chaimowitsch Jurowski (Czar-Family-Murderer)
    Isay Davidovich Berg (NKVD-Gas-Van-Inventor)

    Isn't it strange how the "jewish bolshevism"-thing somewhen became just a "Nazi-Propaganda"-Plot....?

    I think the "multiple identity"-thing of european Jews should be told to Yad Vashem who claim to have found 4 Million names of perished ("murdered") Jews in the Holocau$t until 2010 (the 6 Million are really difficult to establish, hum..?) - I guess Jean-Claude Pressac would refer to that number as "multiplication factor of two or three"??? - LOL

  4. And when I came across a DavidDuke-vid elaborating on the Bolshevists participating in the Spanish Civil War - You know, all the kids learn today is about "evil" Franco" and the "evil" german bombing of GUERNICA by the "Legion Condor" - I studied the "ABRAHAM LINCOLN BRIGADE" made up of American Bolshevists that were together with the "International Brigades" fighting, raping and murdering in Spain at that time a little deeper.

    Now guess what, 8 of the 9 listed COMMISSARS in the wiki-entry on those infamous ABRAHAM LINCOLN BRIGADE were jewish:

    Samuel Julian Stember
    Phil Bard
    George Brodsky
    David Everett Jones
    Fred George Lutz
    Steve Nelson aka Mesaroš Stjepan aka Joseph Fleischinger
    Fred Keller
    George Watt aka Israel Kwatt

    Probably just a Nazi-Propaganda-Trick though....

    1. Thanks for the kind comments, the information (especially on the "ABRAHAM LINCOLN BRIGADE" !!!), and the advice Marc, it's very much appreciated.

      I'm fairly renown for my poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. I do need a ghost writer, or at least an editor ;)

      I can't replace that banner now, I can remove it, but I'll never be able to put another banner up (without paying for it), as blogger wants to charge me for exceeding my number of photos quota, or something.

      Thanks for the list of sites, many of them I check a couple of times a week already, but I will check out the others. I'm reluctant to recommend sites on here, as it's caused me problems in the past, so now I just recommend them in blog posts as an when they publish something interesting.

      On the Yad Vashem's list of 6,000,000 names (currently around 2,000,000 short, not to mention duplicates) it's quite amusing to search for the name of prominent figures from the 20th century. It's surprising what you can find:

    2. No, I wasn't making myself clear enough as my previous message got blown when I was looking up links....

      Your blog is awesome, just GREAT the way it is!!! Cynicism, Provocation, Sarcasm is important!

      But I'd like to see all Your great entries transferred, compiled yet to another, more conservative, placid blog/ site. For example there are important entries of Yours from 2011, but they are not immediately visible or easily accessable - Have You looked up my "Gasvan"-reply yet...?

      It would be great to have a linked table for example on all those protagonists that lied, yet where referred to by several politicians/historians/propagandists then and now and if You'd click a Protagonist, You'd be led to a content-table of mentionings in debates/books/newspaper-articles....I guess what I'd like to see would be a really good assorted website with optimal access, overview, linked infos..."exposing-the-holocaust-hoax-archive" goes in that direction..

      Delete any post from me You dare problematic in respect to "caused me problems in the past" please immediately. Especially my last posts were adressed to You, not necessarily all readers.

      Keep up Your great work, I'm a newbie to Historical Revisionism, can You believe that I praised Churchill, defended the mainstream Holocau$t-narrative and never heard of Samuel Untermyer, Bernhard Baruch, the Ha'avara-Abkommen, the Madagascar-Plan before autumn 2012 and was all my life teached that "JEWISH BOLSHEVISM" was pure Nazi-Paranoia...?

      I've read Paul Rassinier (himself anti-Nazi and therefor incarcerated in Buchenwald) and Robert Faurisson since. These men are now the greatest heros to me and their endurance and suffering shall never be invane!!! On an ironic note I have to say, that I never dared to consider FRENCHMEN be of such Honor and Stature...! Well, Stereotypes....


    3. Thanks Marc.

      I believe we can expect great things from you. You're clearly a quick learner, and your English is better than mine.

      Thanks for your comment on the other post, I've have responded.

      This is a scholarly revisionist website.

      But you've had a good idea, and you should do it. Feel free to take anything from here you want. Although probably best if you just skip the stuff on the rabbis and the silly pictures.

      My other blogs are listed on this blog, but these are mostly just photographs:

  5. I have another idea - the Germans (I'm German btw) were top of the cream in scientific matters at the time - even the crematoria/and delousing-chambers were pure mystery to simple minded east-european peasants and jews back then, it was mostly western Jews deported to East-Europe that weren't immune to the Typhus-Pathogen, East-Eropeans rather were used to it (even though, western Wiesels, Wiesenthal and the Anne Frank-family managed to survive Auschwitz btw)

    One should make 2 opposite columns, ONE would be a list of great scientific german inventions under the Nazi-Regime, anOTHER thing would be the cheap, ridiculous engineerings in the alledged "Death Camps".

    So we'd got:

    ONE: Rocket-Technolgy V1 vs. OTHER: SS men walking up and down 18 times on ladders in order to gas 1000's of people to Death in Crema IV and V "industrialized" german style...

    ONE: Planning Germania, the future capitol of Germany vs. OTHER: Planning Auschwitz-Birkenau where 2000 people would have been gassed to Death in a building (KREMA II) with yet only 1 ELEVATOR and just 15 places for disposal, each disposal taking 1 hour at least, great logistics there.

    ONE: Employing Werner von Braun vs. OTHER: Employing DARIO GABBAI for stuffing 5 corpses at once into one nozzle of CREMA II where at maximum only 2 would fit in accompanied with lots of trouble already.


    And so on, the list of german brilliant inventions '33-'45 is really long, the list of STUPIDITY in HOLOCAU$TING poor Jews is probably even longer....

    TODAY: Germany delivers the most high-tech stealth U-BOATS (Dolphin-Class) to ISRAEL so that Israel can uphold it's atomic "Mutual Assured Destruction"-Strategy vs. THEN: German Ubermenschen-SS utilizes a russian U-BOAT-Engine to "diesel" 700 people to Death at once in a crammed 10-small-room-Diesel-Gaschamber - LOL

    1. anyone who had watched German newsreels at the time knew that submarines gave out poisonous gas!
      3 min 50 in....


    2. Marc, we can add to the list Erich Fuchs, going to Lwow to look for an motor engine with which to gas Jews at the (under construction) death camp Belzec. Returning to the camp with an old Russian one, which when he tried to start it, he discovered its ignition and valves were broken. But as he was from the country which would build the only jet planes used during WW2, he was able to fix the Russian engine (presumably having also picked up the necessary spare parts in Lwow). It was used to kill 434,000 to 3,000,000 people.

      This is an accurate reconstruction of how the gassing operations in the Reinhardt camps came to fruition:

    3. @ Anonymous 2 February 2013 12:37

      Yes, someone posted that on here a few weeks ago. But it's wasted on me; as a non-German speaker, but I've heard it's intriguing.

  6. Thank GOD for the Awareness Center and the Jewish International Coalition AGAINST Sexual Abuse/Assault helping those Jews who are hurting.


    It seems a month can't even go by without another Rabbi or the like getting exposed for their gross perversions within this community.

    Brooklyn Yeshiva Teacher Accused Of Sexually Abusing Teens In Car, Motel Sources Tell 1010 WINS Yoel Malik 33 Used Alcohol & Cigarettes To Lure Victims January 31, 2013


  7. Mr. SmithMinistryofTruth,

    you wrote to me, in an email: "I've uncovered, I'm pretty sure, a clear case of lying by Ferguson about Nathan Rothschild, but I'll get back to you another time on this, as I've not finished reading your stuff yet."

    Could you post this information?

    also, I refuted the wikipedia "New World Order (conspiracy theory)" article in the talk page of the article, (though my refutation is no longer there): http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:New_World_Order_%28conspiracy_theory%29&diff=536987839&oldid=536984011#counter_to_this_article

    1. Thanks for divulging the contents of a private email!

      Ferguson was being an idiot and a plagiarist, but he wasn't lying.

      It's about his short coverage, in his Rothschild book, and his Ascent of Money documentary, on the legendary article which (supposedly) appeared in the The Courier (London) on June 20, 1815, about Nathan Rothschild making "great purchases of stock" prior to the news of Waterloo arriving in London.

      Ferguson managed to:
      1. Get the newspaper's name wrong, he called it the "Courier", it was called "The Courier"
      2. He got the date wrong, he claimed the report appeared in the July 20 edition, whilst everyone else claims it appeared it the June 20 edition (the Battle of Waterloo was June 18).

      Ferguson just repeated what he'd read in one of countless books (I've found seven prior to his Rothschild biography) in the last 165 years which have made the same claim, but he mucked up the paper's name and the date.

      I've read every word in both the June 20 and July 20 1815 editions of The Courier, and Rothschild isn't mentioned in either of them. BUT, there may have been later editions of the paper, as it often printed 2nd and 3rd editions on big news days. But I haven't been able to confirm whether it did.

      But I suspect the quote is genuine, as it was quoted first by a historian who had no interest whatsoever in defending the Rothschilds, he just mentioned it in passing, in a book which was first published over 165 years ago.

    2. I wrote the following in my article on the Rothschilds:

      The Rothschild apologist Niall Ferguson denied that the Rothschilds scored another financial coup d’etat when, with advance intelligence, they started dumping securities as the battle of Waterloo was ending, creating the expectation that they knew Napoleon had won, when, in reality, they knew that Napoleon had lost, and they thus monopolized Britain’s market in consols, which formed the basis of British debt. In reality, Historian Ignatius Balla had established that this had indeed occurred in a book that was almost suppressed (http://tinyurl.com/6r39g2d), but was proven accurate in a court case (http://tinyurl.com/7asrrva). It was also discussed by Rothschild biographer Frederic Morton on p. 49 of his biography of the family (http://tinyurl.com/6p3r3ft). The financier Henry Clews noted in “The Wall Street Point of View”, Vol. III, p. 253, “The Consolidated Act in 1757 … by which the debts of the nation, including annuities, were consolidated or brought together into one scheme, and average rate of interest being struck at three per cent. [T]hese “consols”, … are kept in account in the Bank of England and virtually form the great bulwark of its deposits.” (http://tinyurl.com/789gdk3) As monopolizers of British Bank of England consols, the Rothschilds won control of the Bank of England, henceforth they ruled England, and collected interest on the debts they were owed, which of course exceeded the amount of money in the society in the first place, since money was/is created as a debt to the nation via book entry!

      Could you make a blog post with the info you have incorporated, as well as the info I supplied?

  8. Also here is an item of interest to you - if you don't have access to the pdf I can give it to you:

    From the journal Revolutionary Russia, Volume 21, Issue 1, 2008, an article entitled "HIDDEN AGENDAS: SPIES, LIES AND INTRIGUE SURROUNDING TROTSKY'S AMERICAN VISIT OF JANUARY-APRIL 1917", is significant, as its documentation goes a long way towards refuting claims that these banking elements did not subsidize, or were against, the Bolshevik revolution: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09546540802085511 The abstract of that article reads: "Trotsky's short stay in the USA in early 1917, and his subsequent detention in Canada, has spawned many stories and left lingering questions. This article is basically a sequel to the author's `Interrupted Journey: British Intelligence and the Arrest of Leon Trotskii, April 1917', which appeared in this journal in 2000. 1 What follows substantially expands the scope of the earlier article and presents much new information drawn from recent releases by MI5, as well as new American, French and Russian sources. It shows that Trotsky was surrounded by a web of intrigue and agents of various stripes throughout, and even before, his American stay. He became a pawn, knowingly or not, in assorted plots. Above all, the article strengthens the conclusion that Trotsky was the target of a scheme by elements of the British intelligence services to secure his cooperation in revolutionary Russia."

  9. With the Popes resignation we again see photos of him in his Hitler Youth uniform. Notice how the MSM always blur the picture a bit so the swastika on his cap is not in focus. They also only print the head leaving out the swastika on his right chest wall.I think it is rather fun how photos are manipulated for a certain agenda.

  10. Black Rabbit,

    Great site, great research! I commend you!

    I noticed you saying that Blogger (which is Google) is giving you a hard time about your images.

    On Blogger images can be added to posts (or to the sidebar or the header for that matter) either by uploading them directly from your computer OR by providing an URL to an image stored elsewhere.

    So my suggestion to you is that you open an Image Shack account:


    Then you can simply insert images via their direct link URL rather than having to upload them to Blogger (Picasa).

    Image Shack gives you 5GB (five gigabytes) of free space, so I'm sure it will be quite a while before you fill that up... And even if you do fill up the 5GB, all you would have to do is use a different email address to open another separate Image Shack account. Then you'd have another 5GB of space.

    All of this is free of course... It's not quite as easy as straight uploading but it is a good free option for you to utilize in this case I think.

    Hope that helps you out, keep up the good work!


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