Monday, 18 March 2013

1939, Hitler "had proved that he could summon the holocaust"


  1. LOL Bernard Lansing. Why are they always named Bernard?

    From later in the same article:

    "The best sleuthing that journalists have been capable of has not revealed anything other than the most highly circumspect and chivalrous conduct of the Führer as far as women have been concerned. During the past year, however, he has stepped out of the monastic role commonly assigned to him by gossips and German publicists and has evidenced a strong interest in pretty girls as a group. A year ago, he gave a party for the German film colony in his new Chancellery and had a genuinely good time in the company of vivacious Viennese screen stars who declared that he was "sehr lustig und gallant." Last winter, his response to the twinkling legs
    and enticing smiles of two American dancers in quick succession was even more spectacular. After paying a cold $1,000 and the cost of sending a private airplane to Cannes just to enjoy the additional spirit that nimble Marion Daniels was able to inject into a single performance of the Merry Widow in Munich last February, he became a stage-struck fan of pretty Miriam Verne, who danced in a Berlin musical comedy featuring a strip-tease act done in the most thorough German fashion. Unable to satisfy his appetite for Miss Verne's dancing by attending three performances of the show, he invited her to the Chancellery to dance for him privately, and when the show closed in April he sent her to Munich to do her act in the Merry Widow. His attendances at the Merry Widow this year now number six."

    Like the man says, "the best sleuthing that journalists have been capable of."

    You can see the context on Google Books, complete with a picture of the Fuehrer nodding and peering up Verne's skirt while Goering nurses a chub in the seat beside him:


    Verne of course sued for libel, naming Lansing and Life, claiming that the article had ruined her reputation. A cool $1m demanded in damages:


    And you can see the lovely lady herself in an old BBC reel here:


    "A strip-tease act done in the most thorough German fashion." Long live the lolocaust, the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

    1. Also note the comment about Hitler maybe having an "ace up his sleeve" in the form of the Soviet armies - it goes to show how controlled information about Hitler and National Socialism was in the U.S.A at the time.

      If the American people knew that one of the main reasons he came to power was because of his fiercely anti-Bolshevik/Soviet views then such a statement would never have been published in such a major publication.

      Lolocaust propaganda - it goes on, and on, and on, and on... oh wait, that's Energizer batteries... lol.

  2. lol

    That's some great sleuthing by you though Kladderdatsch.


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