Saturday, 16 March 2013

And it's gone

The above has been the banner on this blog for around two years, but today I made the decision to 'pull it', to borrow a phrase from Larry Silverstein.
A couple of people have recently pointed out that it's immediately off putting, to whom I'll call 'neutral' visitors, and discourages linking to here. Opinions I completely understand. I also believe that the banner isn't in keeping with the more assiduous direction I hope this blog has taken in the last year to eighteen months. 
I've replaced it with a cropped version of one of my photos of the former Nazi concentration cum "death" camp Majdanek. Although I'm not thrilled with it, it'll have to do for now. 

This has been a public service announcement from winstonsmithministryoftruth.blogspot.com.


  1. I'm gonna miss it, BRI.

    I do like the B-movie, sci-fi, War-of-the-Worlds quality of Majdanek pic, though.

    Alien Invaders: Holohoaxis of Evil


  2. I'll miss it too.

    And I'm already missing the photomontages you used to make in order to illustrate the most ridiculous parts of the holohoax. They were hilarious...

  3. In the next settlement of the Jewish Question, positions for standing guard at Majdanek will be quickly filled.

    At Auschwitz, not so much!

  4. Hey... When I visit your site I get a warning from Google that your site is offensive or whatever. Then I have to click a button saying "I understand" to proceed to the site.

    I hope you fix it because it probably scares many visitors away who think there's gore or pornography or something on your excellent blog.

    1. I would guess that is not in his control, google *might* have a say on which blogs it wants to warn about (owning blogspot and such..)

  5. Whar a pity, it looks as if you were supporting all the jewish hoaxes !

  6. The Majdanek guard towers look like they were designed by the same person who designed the " space invaders" ; very popular in the 1980s...


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