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British reports on the Jewish role in Bolshevism

This is file FO 608/196 at the TNA in Kew, it is mostly a compilation of secret reports prepared for the British Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 about conditions in Bolshevik Russia. It contains numerous reports on the decisive role being played by Jews in the Bolshevik regime; following are a few extracts:

"Such hatred as that with which the Bolsheviks are regarded must find a scapegoat upon which at some time suddenly and unexpectedly to vent its fury.
That scapegoat is the Jew.

4. Whatever part the Jews may or may not have played in the making of the Bolshevik revolution and in the carrying out of the Bolshevik policy (on these subjects discussion still rages), the fact that the Jewish element of the population is now in unchallenged possession of the reins of civil administration is so marked that it is impossible any longer not to concentrate one's attention on it. Especially interesting is it to remark in what branches of service the Jews, after a year and a half of this regime, have succeeded in installing themselves. In the ranks of the army and navy they are almost non-existent (by what manner they contrive to evade military service is to the common mind a mystery): only the positions (purely political) of regimental Commissars are sometimes held by them. But in the Central Food Department of Petrograd, of the responsible posts from 60 to 70% are hald [sic] by Jews, while only the lower positions are filled by Russians with only 10% of Jews. In the provinces in many places the Purchasing Commissions consist solely of Jews (100%) who determine fixed prices. In daily life it is very noticeable that a Jew is never seen standing in a food queue, and by some subtle means the Jews certainly do succeed in avoiding the greater part of the misery suffered by the rest of the population. These circumstances have long been the subject of bitter comment by the Russian people, who attribute the sum total of existing wretchedness and suffering to the hated race, and it would be unwise for the Allies not to prepare for the possibilities to which this bitter animosity may lead." (emphasis in original)
"Situation in Petrograd at Beginning of March, 1919.", writer: memo F.O. (Foreign Office), registry No.8164, received: April 24th,1919. (TNA, Kew: FO 608/196, pp.216217.)

"In December the Bolsheviks set up an independent White Russian Republic at Minsk, which subsequent united with the Moscow Government. A later report, however, speaks of the setting-up of a Central Soviet at Vilna, which proclaimed the union of Lithuania and White Russia. The two may, for practical purposes, be regarded as dependencies of the Moscow Government. The White Russians are extremely illiterate and backward and are without any nascent "national consciousness." As they are so closely allied to the Great Russians, the best solution of their problem would be their re-absorption into Russia. It should be noticed that this is the policy apparently advocated by the Jews of both White Russia and Lithuania; the Jews have contributed largely to the personnel of the Soviets in Lithuania and White Russia." (emphasis in original)
"Appreciation of the Internal Situation in Russia (Secret)." April 25, 1919. General Staff, War Office. (TNA, Kew: FO 608/196, p.237.)

"Bolshevism is in no sense a Russian party or a section of the Russian public. It is the extreme doctrine of an entirely international and anti-national movement which aims at the abolition of all national distinctions and the substitution of distinctions of class and an envenomed class war, with the establishment of a dictatorship of the former working class, not to be exercised by that class but by self-appointed leaders, most of whom are not of Russian but of Jewish origin."
"Memorandum on the Position of Russia", by Professor Sir Bernard Pares, Vladivostok, March 2nd, 1919. (TNA, Kew: FO 608/196, p.254.)

"I have the honour to report that Swiss people who have reached here from Russia within the last few days state that a Jew named Krassin, who was general manager for Siemens, Schuckert, & Co. in Russia before the war, has become the chief adviser of the Bolchewick [sic] Government in industrial matters; that a Mr. Feldhausen, a British subject who has lived all his life in Russia and is manager for the above firm at Moscow, is still at his post; and it is reported that this firm has a working arrangement, at least as far as Russia is concerned, with its former chief rival in Germany, the A.E.G. The suggestion is that by means of trusts such as these and by working on the Jewish affinities of Bolchewik [sic] leaders and heads of German industry, the Germans have been preparing the way for future exploitation of Muscovite territory. It may perhaps be worth recalling that, some months [ago?], the head of the A.E.G. Walter Rathenau, stated publicly that Lenin had a chance to show himself the greatest statesman and organiser the world had ever seen and that this was not long after the (acknowledged) discovery by Lenin that it would be necessary to utilise the brains and experience of business heads in building up the new system."
John Cameron, British Vice Consulate, Basle, June 24th, 1919, despatch no.58. (TNA, Kew: FO 608/196, p.377.)


  1. I've been reading Juri Lina's 'Under the Sign of the Scorpion."

    The extent to which Jews were behind damn near all the misery, murder and domination of Russia leading up to the Tsar's abdictation and murder is well documented.

    At times, the book is so brutal that I have only been able to read 10-15 pages before stopping to recover my sanity, which gets assaulted by the monstrosities committed by Jews against Russians.

  2. The jewish world goverment.
    Fail in 1941.
    Now another try from the grandchildren of Bolsheviks.
    For publish everywher.

    1. Very good! But the quote on the end is misattributed. It was Paul Warburg's (pictured), son James Paul Warburg who said:

      "We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest."

      - February 17, 1950, before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

  3. By the way; have you seen the picture from the 'Central Sauna' in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1944 already? With real showers and water...


  4. Yes it may look like a real shower room but close those windows and drop in some zyclonB and what do you have.....

    1. .... an homicidal gas chamber, right.

      Of course you must strongly insist it's streng verboten for the inmates to break said windows.

  5. I carry my Kew reader's card with me at all times even though I live an the States. I was there only for a few hours about three years ago. I wanted to see what they had on Sir Bruce Lockhart of the PWE and discovered the bulk of his papers are kept elsewhere. They did bring me a folder of his miscellaneous correspondence, though. From this I learned to extraordinary things. That C.D. Jackson and William S. Paley were the only Americans in the exclusive psyche warfare/black ops unit he supervised (I think there were only 14 men in it) and that eight documents in that folder had been determined to be forgeries and removed. There was an official notice to this effect inside the folder along with Sir Bruce's assorted memos, notes, and letters. Had I wanted to view those fakes there were file numbers for them I could ask for. I should have made a copy of that document because it indicates that forgeries are being slipped into the archives at Kew, discovered and then removed regularly. It's such a large facility it's hard for me to to imagine anyone there being that vigilant and that expert on forgery.

    1. The whole Martin Allen forgery affair struck me at the time as " the lady doth protest too much"
      Lots of money was spent and publicity given to the allegations of forgeries.It does tend to give credence to the assertion that the powers that be got into a panic and replaced the found documents with crude forgeries.
      As for Martin Allen he seems to have " never existed" and even his Wikipedia page has been deleted. I do hope he is ok and not in some US prison somewhere serving a 700 year sentence.

    2. Looking at the catalogue, there's numerous forgeries connected to Lockhart:


      You ran a search on "Bruce Lockhart" restricted to reference(s): "RW"

      There are 7 results within The Catalogue. Hits 1 to 7 are shown below sorted by catalogue reference.


      RW 4/13 Forged document found in file, FO 800/868: letter from Victor Mallet, British Legation Stockholm, to Sir Robert Bruce-Lockhart at the Political Intelligence Department in London, 3 March 1943 Undated

      RW 4/14 Forged document found in file, FO 800/868: letter from Victor Mallet, British Legation Stockholm, to Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart at the Political Intelligence Department in London, 8 June 1943 Undated

      RW 4/15 Forged document found in file, FO 800/868: letter from Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart at the Foreign Office to I Ingrams at the Political Intelligence Department in London, 12 June 1943 Undated

      RW 4/16 Forged document found in file, FO 800/868: memorandum from Ingrams, Political Intelligence Department in London, to Robert Bruce Lockhart at the Political Intelligence Department, 10 August 1943 Undated

      RW 4/18 Forged document found in file, FO 800/868: letter from Victor Mallet, British Legation Stockholm, to Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart at the Political Intelligence Department in London, 24 January 1944 Undated

      RW 4/19 Forged documents found in file, FO 800/868: letter from Sir John W Wheeler-Bennett at the Foreign Office to Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart at the Political Intelligence Department in London, 10 May 1945 Undated

      RW 4/20 Forged document found in file, FO 800/868: telegram from Mr Thomas, Bremen to Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart, 24 May 1945 Undated


    3. All these forged documents concerning Lockhart. Were they all inserted by Mr Martin Allen ? Perhaps Mr Allen could tell us if he is still alive.

  6. Meanwhile in todays London Daily Mail the newspaper with the second largest circulation in England we can read another front page Nazi story!

    1. Gosh! It appears the Mail is browsing this blog for inspiration for the daily stories on the Nazis.

      But, that has got to be the most absurd story on the Nazis that has been published in the Mail since, well, at least since Easter.

    2. Curiously the Mail have left the article open to comment and therefore ridicule. Most of their daily Mail Nazi stories are open only to " moderated" comments

  7. Hilarious picture. Will it be used by the Yad Vashem as "visual evidence" of the Holocau$t and jewish suffferings?

  8. You'll already know this but handy pdf format,

    Russia No.1 (1919) [a Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia]

    http://mk.christogenea.org/RussiaNo1 ~70MB
    http://unityofnobility.com/pdfs/collection-of-reports-on-bolshevism-in-Russia.pdf ~11.5MB abridged edition (appears to be the redacted version or similar as publicised by Fahey).

    and no doubt elsewhere, e.g.



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