Wednesday, 6 March 2013

"Nazism . . . Spawn of Communism"

This is an advert which appear in the December 5, 1938 edition of Social Justice, the magazine founded by the American "antisemitic" Catholic priest Charles Coughlin. The full magazine can be viewed through this blog post by 'Pathteacher' where I found the above.
The Nazis in the cartoon appear to be driving a van belonging to the Irish Swastika Laundry company.


  1. Love that van! The fact that it could drive merrily around Ireland in the 1950s indicates how the overwhelming propaganda didn't really take off in the MSM until the 1970s. Yes we know Eire was neutral in WW2 but could you imagine such a van anywhere in the world in 2013.

  2. A postcard with the American Flag & Swastka circa 1918

    And here is a coke lucky watch fob circa 1925.

    The Indians(Native Americans) renounced their swastika, with WWII happening, guess they didn't want to end up in a camp with the Japanese-Americans.


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