Thursday, 14 March 2013

Something you're unlikely to hear a MP say these days

George Edward Cecil Wigg (1900 – 1983), military
man, turned immensely influential British politician

On November 9, 1956, in the immediate wake of what's now called the Suez Crisis, Wigg made a speech in the House of Commons in which he strongly criticised the British, French and Israeli governments. The full text of his speech can be read here, but I'll just point out how he closed the speech:

"For in sorrow must I say that I regret that after 2,000 years of wandering, of the ghetto,
the concentration camp and the gas chamber, the Jewish people have learned nothing."

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  1. ReL The Suez "Crisis"

    The Protocol of Sèvres,1956: Anatomy of a War Plot


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