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Weizmann meets Trotsky and Lenin in Switzerland

Russian Zionist Jew Chaim Weizmann, Russian Bolshevik Jew Trotsky, and Russian
Bolshevik (Jewish enough to qualify as 'Jewish' under Israel's Law of Return) Lenin

I've previously posted on Weizmann and Lenin meeting in a Paris café during 1910, where I'd mentioned that it was possible they had meet in Geneva during 1904; an article in Life June 12, 1939, states that Weizmann couldn't remember whether he'd meet Lenin or not. Which is very strange, as in 1932 Weizmann had no problem at all recalling details of meeting and debating with Lenin, and Trotsky.

On the evening of December 11, 1932, Weizmann was attending a "Mass Students' Rally, organised by the University of London Zionist Society" in Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London. His speech to the rally was paraphrased in the December 16, 1932 edition of The Jewish Chronicle, and it reads:
"When he first went to Switzerland, the attempt to found a Student Zionist Society at Berne, which had then about six hundred Jewish students, men and women, resulted in the assembling of eight of them in a little room. The overwhelming majority of the students were then anti-Zionist, because they thought they were internationalists. Later they announced that a paper would be read ; it was his paper. And their opponents, apparently inspired by this new movement, brought their biggest guns ; Lenin and Trotsky, who were immigrants at the time, were among them, and they had a great time. The arguments lasted three days and three nights, and the Swiss Professors could not understand why the Universities had become empty! On the third day they announced that they had formed the new Zionist Society, and their eight grew to many hundreds. Since that time, Zionism had become established in Switzerland. A great many of those students were now in Palestine occupying important and responsible posts as teachers or directing colonisation or other institutions."
Weizmann (who was warning about the peril of 6,000,00 European Jews from as early as 1936) also told the meeting:
"The position of a large proportion of the Jews in the world was, in his opinion, far worse than it ever was in a great many of the darkest periods of Jewish history."

source: The Jewish Chronicle (London), December 16, 1932, page 24page 25.
According to Robert Service, Trotsky was in Switzerland during at least the early part of 1904 (Trotsky, MacMillian: 2009, p.79.). 


  1. Hi Winstonsmithministryoftruth,

    Have a question about Brownshirts and Betar.

    The World Zionist Youth Movement Betar claims to be the first Brownshirts in Germany but I can not find anything about the relation between Brownshirts and Betar on your site. Do you have information about the Brownshirts and Betar?

    1. No sorry, all I've got is some photos that I've collected from the Yad Vashem's website:


      Some details on Betar's pro-fascism and anti-communism

      A search Google books for "Brownshits betar", turns up some differing opinions, but I don't know which are correct.

    2. Some info on this board & photos of Betar

      At the bottom of the above page is the Auschwitz survivors' march. You might see some security friends in the video Black Rabbit.

  2. Thank you. To me it is like Betar was an example for the German Brownshirts. Yabotinsky himself confessed in his book 'The War and the Jew' that WOII was a Jewish war. It is such a strange phenomenon that those survivors are not aware of the fact that the Jews have been murdered by there own Zionist leaders. The relation between Auschwitz and IG-Farben and thus Rothschild is general known.

  3. Does Lenni Brenner looks like a good source? : Jabotinsky knew he could not lose the vote; to the tens of thousands of youthful Betar brownshirts he represented the militarism they wanted against an Executive of the same genteel bourgeoisie as the Weizmann clique. It was always the Betar youth group that was the central component of Diaspora Revisionism.


    At the very time that Hitler's brownshirts were breaking up meetings, it was inevitable that Jerusalem's Jewish public should see the brownshirted Betarim as their own Nazis.

    Google books. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Brown Shirts in Zion An interview with Jabotinsky, "the Jewish Hitler"

  5. Thank you, Rabbit. If you look at the right page of the article “Zionist Fascism" by Jabotinsky, you see an advertisement for "Rassviet". A revisionist weekly in Russian. Edited by Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky was a hard core Diaspora Revisionist. To me Diaspora Revisionism is pure antisemitism. Think the Zionists provoked the pogroms in Eastern Europe with there Diaspora Revisionism as well.

  6. My humble opinion is that what we read here all together with Jabotinsky & co is End Time in the making. Remember Herzl writing somewhere in his Dairies i think about his expected support by The Catholic Church because of what they think is written in Revelation. The Exodus is in fact a Catholic prophecy.

    It is all about enriching the Rothschild family who is also friend of Rome and the supposed royal family of (great) Israel, and building the Third Temple. Herzl, Nordau en Jabotinsky and there successors are managers of the huge project of breaking down the Harem Al Sharif, what in fact is the Third Temple, and building there own Fascist (Catholic) Dome of the Rock. They are crusaders.

  7. The website keeps getting better. I have two questions. #1 : is there a way to download or backup the whole website? I've downloaded the complete FPP, IHR, CODOH, JewWatch, etc.
    #2 : What kind of education the investigators have?


    1. Thank you.
      1. There's is, as a guy did it about a year ago. But I've no idea how he actually did it, sorry, I'm not at all techy.
      2. Well, it's just me who runs this blog, and I left school at sixteen to start work. I don't pretend that this is an academic or scholarly blog, although I try to source everything I post, in fact I sometimes go to huge lengths to get hold of old newspapers and books.

    2. Well I've found out there's a way. The only issue is the "warning" doesnt allow me to see it offline. Sadly. But I still have all the pictures, I deleted the html since I cannot access to it, it allways take me to the "warning" front.

      I guess the blog really needs that "warning front". Keep up the good work.

  8. I am trained by Jews. Recently by Rabbi Ahron Cohen. You can follow his class on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba9GptmoxT8

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  10. It is all clear. Diaspora Jews are thè Jews and Diaspora Revisionists aka Zionists are the hardcode Nazi. That is why the Jewish word for there roots is Asjkenazim. They are from Asjkenaz. Not descendants from Sem. WOII and the Shoah is created by Herzl, Nordau, Begin, Jabotinsky and successors. They planned the Endlösung der Judenfrage and poisoned everybody with there antisemitism. Herzl himself calls the promised land "world-getto". And he is happy with himself beeing thè inventor of thè one and only Endlösung der Judenfrage. The Zionists are guilty as hell and they do not want to admit. The Jews are very precise about Zionists: they are Nazi: Nazi Propaganda was Based on What Zionists Said.


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