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Weizmann's six million timeline

Rather unsurprisingly, Chaim Weizmann (an old drinking buddy of Vladimir Lenin, and the first president of the State of Israel) also claimed that six million Jews had been killed before he was supposed to have known that six million Jews had been killed.

On August 1, 1945 at the World Zionist Conference in London, Weizmann stated:
"It is a sad commentary on the political morality of this world: in San Francisco (i.e. the Peace Conference)—and again I say this not in any envious sense—States were admitted who had only just signed their declarations of war (indeed the ink on their declarations had not yet dried when they presented their credentials). Some of them had not lifted a finger to help in the war, or shed a drop of blood. The Jewish people, with its six million victims in Europe, over one million soldiers, and the Jewish Brigade Group, was relegated to the corridor. The continuation of this anomaly is intolerable. The Jewish people must be given its rightful place in the family of Nations. Palestine as a Jewish State must be one of the fruits of victory. Under God, it shall be!"
"Stresses Need Of Jewish State", The Milwaukee Journal, August 1, 1945, p.6.
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"An Answer to Mr. Bevin by Chaim Weizmann" Jewish Spectator, Vol.X, No.5, September 1945. pp.86-87.

On September 20, 1945 Weizmann wrote, on behalf of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, to Ernest Bevin the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs stating:
"The first declaration of war by Germany (and subsequently by her associates) was made against the Jewish people, and it took a special form. Its aim was not conquest and enslavement, but the complete physical extermination of the Jews, the utter destruction of their spiritual and religious heritage, and the confiscation of all their material possessions. In executing their declarations of war, Germany and her associates murdered some 6,000,000 Jews, destroyed all Jewish communal institutions wherever their authority extended, stole all the treasures of Jewish art and learning, and seized all Jewish property, public and private, on which they could lay their hands."

On November 19, 1945 at the convention of the Zionist Organization of America in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Weizmann stated:
"And in what spirit does the (British) Foreign Secretary (Ernest Bevin) approach the Palestine problem and its relation to the Jewish people? He sounds a warning to the helpless, destitute and despairing remnant of European Jewry, stretching out its hands for the bare essentials of life: "If the Jews want to get too much at the head of the queue they face the danger of another anti-Semitic reaction." What does it mean, 'getting too much at the head of the queue?' A simple request for survival, which is all that the Jews of Europe mean by their hunger to get to Palestine? Is it 'getting too much at the head of the queue' if, after the slaughter of six million Jews, the remnant of a million and a half implore the shelter of the Jewish homeland?
What a sorry epitaph the new declaration of policy seeks to write over the graves of six million of our dead. The soil of Europe is saturated with their innocent blood."
"Weizmann Breaks Silence; Hits British Government’s New Policy on Palestine", JTA, November 20, 1945.
"Weizmann's Rebuke to Bevin', The Jewish Chronicle, November 30, 1945, p.1.

His 1936 speech before the Peel Commission can be read here
(pp.100-123, the three six millions are on pages 102/3).

His 1939 speech at St. James's Palace can be read here (left column).


  1. Another great job. You make the hidden things visible.
    btw, "Die Zeit", a zionist license press newspaper in Germany, which name is inspired by the english "Times", wrote in 1966:
    "the aktion sühnezeichen (action ,signs of atonement´) rebuilds the auschwitz gas chambers.
    (...)About 100 young germans live in Block 22 and work in the ruins of the gas chambers and crematories of Birkenau. (...) The leader of the group answered to my question of the purpose of the action: "The ruins are silt, particulary they are overgrown by gras. We clean them and rebuild them, so that visitors can see them and learn how the death factory worked."

  2. But now the latest holocau$t fables say there was over 20 million Jew victims during WWII. What a coincidence! Released at the same time the DNA study showing there is no Jewish master race and when the AIPAC Traitor Fest is being held in DC.

    They're faking enough victims to last them another 100 years. And billions more in extortion payoffs.


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