Monday, 29 April 2013

"Under the Jewish Flag"

German WW2 poster in Russian reads:  Под жидовским знаменем, which translates as Under the Jewish Flag (or Banner)


  1. I found new snippets from October 13, 1890 and December 21, 1900 and January 14, 1913 while searching for six million here:


    "... of the six million Jews who are caged up, inl the few plague-stricken
    towns and villages of the Pale ..."

    "... five or six million Jews in Russia were living under painful
    disabilities ..."

    “... six million Jews were obliged to live and work within what was called
    the pale of settlement, where hard, repressive laws were invoked, causing great misery ...“

    And here is another archive but it behaves strange, loading the .pdf after the search takes almost a minute (if it kicks you out press search again):


    I wanted to send this via Googlemail, if this would be okay in the future, please send me an answer to criticomblog-AT-googlemail-D0T-com

  2. Interesting observation on why Tony Blair is so keen on Israel, "Tony Blair was born in Edinburgh Scotland on 6 May 1953, to Leo Blair and Hazel Corscadden. His paternal ancestors were the English actors Charles Parsons and Mary Augusta Ridgway Bridson, the latter of whom had some degree of aristocratic descent. Blair’s father was illegitimate however and he was adopted as a baby by Glasgow shipyard worker James Blair and his wife. His mother Hazel Corscadden was of the daughter of George Corscadden, an Ulster-Scots butcher and Orangeman who moved to Glasgow in 1916 but returned to (and later died in) Ballyshannon in 1923. Sarah Margaret Lipsett according to Edward MacLysaght, the origin of the name Lipsett in County Donegal derived from Jewish settlers in the 18th century as an Anglicization of Lipsitz
    The other reason is that he was caught by the coppers importuning in a London loo when he was 24. He Chose to use his middle names Charles Lynton to appear before the Bow Street magistrates. he was and is blackmailable.


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