Saturday, 11 May 2013

27 Aug 1943: 5,021,500 Jews missing from Europe

The August 27, 1943 edition of the pro-communist NYC newspaper PM Daily provided some surprisingly in-depth details of the 5,021,500 Jews that were missing from Europe. PM states that of the 8,300,000 European Jewish population in 1939, there had been a "Gross Loss" of "5,021,500". Of this "Gross Loss" a total of "3,030,500 are stated as dead, whilst the remaining 1,991,000 are not specifically accounted for in the article, which does make brief mention of:
"The destruction of the Jews has been by planned starvation, forced labor, deportation, pogroms and methodical murder in Nazi extermination centers. It has been achieved also by the slow processes of degradation, humiliation and economic strangulation." (emphasis added)

PM Daily magazine section (NY), August 27, 1943, pp.12-13 (enlarged).


  1. Isn't that the rag "Dr.Seuss" did the propaganda cartoons for?

    1. According to wiki, yes it is.

      I've published a few stories from this paper recently, and found many more interesting articles in it.

  2. It's funny that with so many "missing Jews" that have never been truly located and confirmed dead or alive there are no serious exhumations of any of the alleged "death camp"
    mass-graves in Eastern Europe.

    Yet there are continuing exhumations of "Stalinist era" mass-graves to this day in Poland where victims can be identified and families can attain closure, and provide concrete evidence for the historical record of Bolshevik/Stalinist crimes.

    See this AFP video on the exhumation of a communist mass-grave in Warsaw from the 40's or 50's - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr71RyMAM_o

    Why can't such forensic documentation of the remains of the alleged Holocaust victims at the alleged "death camps" be carried out and added to the historical record so as to completely and utterly crush Holocaust revisionism or "denial" once and for all?

    The remains would not be as pristine as those of the communist victims based on the alleged manner of disposal but there is certainly at least several million pounds of remains(ash, bone fragments and teeth and such) out there somewhere and there are many examples of such remains being capable of still yielding enough evidence to positively I.D victims from at least as far back as World War One.

    Are we to believe that the Jews have magical properties that allow all traces of their remains to completely disappear without a trace after just a few decades?

    With so many missing Jews you would think that with all the "Judeo-centrism" today they would be at least mildly concerned with finding their "missing" brethren and bringing closure to millions of "survivors" and family members and the entire Jewish global community.

    I guess cashing in financially and politically from the stories is more important to some Jews than actual Jewish beings are. Sad, but not surprising when you see the brainwashing of Jewish youth such as in Yoav Shamir's film "Defamation" - really to be taught to be proud that everyone hates you is just insane.

    Bah, I'll stop the rant here.


  3. Where's the stories in the MSM about the Bolshevik led Jews who went on a rampage in Poland after they invaded that country?

    That's where the majority of killing happened, mostly Polish peasants who refused to bow to the bastard child of Zionism, Communism and got a bullet to the head as a reward.

    Even the Jews wanted nothing to do with their crazy brother psychos, and the ones in the slave labor camps choose to leave with the Germans at the end of WWII instead of staying behind and greeting their 'Kosher Komrades,' since they know that meeting would of ended with a slug to the head.


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