Thursday, 2 May 2013

"We will soon have storm troopers in America" - Hitler (attrib.)

"It will be a simple matter for me to produce unrest and revolt in the United States so that these gentry will have their hands full with their own affairs ... We shall soon have storm troopers in America ... we shall have men whom degenerate Yankeedom will not be able to challenge."
- Adolf Hitler (attributed by Hermann Rauschning, author of Hitler Speaks, a book commissioned by Winston Churchill's media advisor Emery Reves née Rosenbaum (Hungarian Jew) who told Rauschning what he should write in it).

"I have long thought very highly of Mr. Reves' abilities in all that concerns propaganda and the handling of the neutral press."
- Winston Churchill, June 30, 1940

The Daily Times News (Burlington, NC), Tuesday, August 20, 1940, p.7.

The Record-Argus (Greenville, PA), Monday, August 12, 1940


  1. Rauschning's book has been debunked 30 years ago.





  2. Roosevelt's 'Secret Map' speech was also very useful to cheat the American people and lead it to war.


  3. Headline news...another show trial!!!
    Notice how the BBC a so called organ of record distorts facts and says this trial is due to a different interpretation of only obeying orders. This was never accepted as a defence and this trial is actually due to a different interpretation of conspiracy where anyone now attached to anyone one of the WW2 German camps can be prosecuted for murder. Await further developments in this show trial.

  4. The Guardian that so called bastion of free speech will censor comments it feels do not tow the line,


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