Tuesday, 11 June 2013

1939: The plan to kill 6,000,000 Jews

Another appearance of the autumn 1939 article originating from the Contemporary Jewish Record (published by the American Jewish Committee) which fraudulently claimed that a member of NSDAP had written a book in which he predicted the annihilation of six million Jews.

The Sentinel, October 12, 1939.

"Scarcely two months before Hitler 's aggression against Poland, Hans Ziegler, a ranking official in the Propaganda Ministry, emphasized, according to a dispatch by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, in his book entitled "Juden and der Weltkrieg," that one of the worth-while results of the coming world war would be the annihilation of the six million Jews in East and Central Europe. Other warnings of the same dire character have been uttered by Nazi officials and publications for the past several years."


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    1. Thanks very much for posting that interesting article.

  2. Jews are in fact in great danger today because the Zionists didn’t finish there job.

  3. Could you locate these?

    The Youngstown Jewish Times, 16th April 1936

    “After the next war there will be no longer a Germany. At a given signal from Paris, France and Belgium as well as the peoples of Czechoslovakia will be set in motion to take the German colossus in a deadly pincer grip. They will split Prussia from Bavaria and destroy life in those countries.”

    The American Hebrew, 30th April 1937

    “The nations will come to the necessary insight that Nazi Germany deserves to be eradicated from the family of nations.”

    1. The British Library has the American Hebrew on microfilm, although I have found before that some editions are inexplicably absent, I can at least try and get that one, but it will be a good few weeks before I visit there again.

      The BL doesn't have The Youngstown Jewish Times, these two places have it:


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