Sunday, 30 June 2013

Why Zionists & communists wanted Germany to lose WWI

Below is a rather interesting May 20th, 1917 telegram from the Foreign Office in London to the High Commissioner of Egypt (found in file FO 141/805/1 in The National Archives), which reveals what Zionists believed was possible, not just for Zionism, but also communism, if Germany lost the war and her economy totally collapsed.  

No. 507.
Following from Berne May 18th No. 381.
Following is substance of a confidential note communicated by Central Polish Agency.
One of leaders of Zionist Movement at Posen has admitted Zionist hopes that war may end in collapse of Prussia and in victory of Entente for they expect to obtain Palestine with help of England. Zionist consider that revolution and anti-dynastic movements in Prussia will only take place later on after complete economic exhaustion of that country.
German nationalist Jews on the other hand who belong principally to progressive party in Germany are most ardent patriots.


  1. Very interesting.
    Chaim Weizmann wrote to Churchill in 1941, that "it was the Jews who tipped the scales in America in favour of Great Britain in the World War".

  2. Replies
    1. No it's 100% genuine. Here's a photo of the file it's found in. I have 48 photos of other documents from this file.

      You can always get along to Kew and see it for yourself. It's in this file:
      You'll get it in a box (viewable in above photo) along with file FO 141/805.

  3. The underlying theme is verified by Samuel Landmann's admission: http://mailstar.net/landman.html


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