Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Crush The Viper of Anti-Semitism

"It may be thanks to anti-Semitism that we are able to preserve
our existence as a race; that at any rate is my belief."

- Albert Einstein, Zionist, 1931


  1. Zionist leader Herz, his dairies roundabout, 1895-1904:

    Blz 83: It would be an excellent idea to call in respectable, accredited anti-Semites as liquidators of property;
    Blz 84: The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies;
    Blz 110: For I have the solution of the Jewish Question;
    Blz 118: I believe I have found the solution to the Jewish Question. Not a solution, but the solution, the only one;
    Blz132: We shall solve the Jewish Question;
    Blz 143: I have already told you that we want to let respectable anti-Semites participate in our project, respecting their independence which is valuable to us“ as a sort of people's control authority;
    Blz 170: We shall impose extensive but firm limits on public opinion;
    Blz 180: anti-Semitism increases among the nations every day, every hour, and must continue to grow;
    Blz 182: The anti-Semites ...are right.

    On 06 august 1895 Zionist leader Herzl writes in his diaries: “Jews must be destroyed”.

    1. [quote]On 06 august 1895 Zionist leader Herzl writes in his diaries: "Jews must be destroyed"[/quote]

      An out of context partial quote, the full statement is:

      "Of course I told him only the negative things, and that the rich Jews must be destroyed if they lead lives of avarice, epicureanism, and vanity, while the poor are being persecuted."

      From page 226 of "The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl" -


      That is a much different context than what the previous poster implied.


    2. That should be "The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl: Volume 1".


  2. What do you mean out of context? Herzl got his Endlösung and antisemitism. Hitler was paid by Zionists. Auschwitz was owned by a Rothschild company. Jews were destroyed.

  3. If you weren't trying to twist the context why not provide the full quote?

    When the actual context was removed by you then the statement is being made out of context.

    Well, beyond the implied context provided by your previous lines.

    And your supposed explanation explains nothing as individual Jews were not meant to be "destroyed" in Auschwitz(their European Jewish culture was to be destroyed by exiling them from Europe), and any who may have been targeted according to standard Holocaust fairytales were of the poorest nature.

    The Rothschilds would qualify as rich Jews that "lead lives of avarice, epicureanism, and vanity, while the poor are being persecuted" and should have been destroyed in Auschwitz then.

    Are you suggesting that only 'rich Jews' were "destroyed" at Auschwitz?

    If not then your quote was out of context.

    There is plenty of evidence out there for the truth without having to falsely manipulate info or outright fabricate stuff, that hurts the truth rather than helping it.


  4. Sorry, the context is provided. I do not falsely ore manipulate anything. The ADL quotes the same way if it wants to accuse anybody of discrimination. The context is not the one sentence but the dairies of Herzl and Zionism as a whole.

    Further more, it does not matter. Regardless the context, anybody who say's that "Jews must be destroyed" is antisemitic ore otherwise mentally sick.

    The purpose of Zionism is to fulfill the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. So the will to destroy Jews is given. Hitler is paid by Zionist banker Rothschild who also owned Auschwitz.

    What I suggest is that the Zionists (aka The Society of Jews' aka Israel) are guilty of WOII and the Shoah. It is there will. They wanted Holocaust to extort Palestine from the world community. WOII was the war of rich Ashkenazim against the 'underclass' Jews of Europe. The war of the American Hebrew against humanity.

  5. This is a great full-blown quote from the dairies of Zionist leader Theodore Herzl, is is about the 'Jewish' Rothschild bankers, part 1 page 163 - 164

    "I don’t know whether all governments already realize what an international menace your World House constitutes. Without you no wars can be waged, and if peace is to be concluded, people are all the more dependent on you. For the year 1895 the military expenses of the five Great Powers have been estimated at four billion francs, and their actual peacetime military strength at 2,800,000 men. And these military forces which are unparalleled in history, you command financially, regardless of the conflicting desires of the nations!"

    A little further in his diaries it looks like Herzl is suggesting that the Rothschild family could provide the Prins of Israël if the "World House" supports Herzls plan for the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. Herzl also writes about violence against Turkey and support from the Pope. He even tried to convert all the Jews to Catholicism, like was done with the Khazars I guess. Who needs enemies with a friend like that?

    Jews are and always were against Zionism. Jews today demonstrate against it and inform the people about the fact that Nazi Propaganda was Based on What Zionists Said. In the matching URL Jews have the characters naziismzionism, pronounced right it sounds like nazism is zionism.


    Conclusion: everybody is terribly duped by Zionists who are until today fighting for world dominance.

    1. There are numerous different forms of Judiasm from Talmudic to at least 4 different forms of mysticism, to non-mystical "atheistic" Jews, etc. - the so called "true Torah" or just "true Jews" are only a small percentage of the total Judaic culture.

      They are all Jews no matter what one faction/sect of them wants to say/believe.

      The Zionist leaders are mostly or entirely mystical in origins, but their systems and beliefs are as much a product of Judaic theology and culture as any other sect.

      These "true Torah" Jews just do the same thing the Zionists do by claiming any other Jew that they disagree with is a "self-hating Jew" or a "false Jew" or whatever.

      It is true though that the Zionists are purposefully fulfilling a role as the "false Jews" that are from the 'Synagogue of Satan' as part of the agenda to falsely fulfill "end times" prophecies to be bring about the NWO/Kingdom of God.

      And obviously as everyone here knows they want people to hate them - the antisemites are their best friends when it comes to fulfilling the agenda.

      But the Rothschilds if not directly involved with the Zionists certainly have their own agenda they are using Zionism for - as Louis Marshall stated Zionism is a peg on which to hang a powerful weapon - "It is regarded by the religious-minded of all creeds as tending to bring about the fulfillment of ancient prophecies".


      It's all about the "Armageddon" - for humanity to be "reborn" into a 'New World Order' the old humanity must first die - in ways that appear to "fulfill" ancient Messianic prophecies to bring about the NWO/Kingdom of God they desire.

      They play all sides against each other and promote radicalization of all religious groups - as the "rhapsodies of realities" booklet I got the other day from 'Christ Embassies' points out it's "exciting" that "judgment day" is coming and good Christians must prepare for the coming "spiritual warfare" between "good and evil"/"heaven and hell".

      Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Orthodox Jews, Christians of most sects, Muslims, Hindu's, etc. are all speaking of "end times" and "spiritual warfare" these days, and the Mid-East has already been igniting Christian vs Islam warfare.

      And the religious people just hop right on the bandwagon - even though it's being driven by their enemies straight to their own destruction - it must be "God's will".

      /end rant


    2. On a side note to my prior post it's important to understand the symbols used today by the forces at work which actually date back to ancient times(in some cases the most ancient rock art and carvings known to exist), for example the "Star of David".

      In 3D form the "Star of David" is a geometrical construct called a "stella-octangula", but it is also known as a "Merkaba" and is the primary symbol of "Merkaba mysticism"(2D or 3D), one of the forms of ancient Jewish mysticism.

      Most of these symbols date back to ancient pagan systems or even earlier and were merely adapted for use in orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. much later on as they were already recognized symbols of divinity and power and such.

      The pagans were mostly planet and nature worshipers and their symbols do allegedly have a scientific basis for them, and the knowledge and science behind them is what the Catholic Church and other theistic orders for many centuries outlawed as being "evil" because it was Satanic knowledge of divinity and God's natural powers - trying to be their own gods.

      That system of knowledge is generally known as "scientific illuminism" and is the foundation of the term "Illuminati".

      Freemasonry actually uses a pagan symbol representing the same concept/entity that the Judeo-Christian "Holy Trinity" represents as their primary symbol - the "Eye of Providence" or "All-Seeing Eye of God".

      The 3 aspects of the Trinity are ONE as 3 deities and thus the 1 is 3, or 1-3/13. But together as the ONE they make 4 entities as the "sum of all", thus the 1 is 4, or 1-4/14.

      Hence the Eye of Providence representing the Trinity sits atop a 13(1 is 3) layer pyramid, with the Eye itself representing the 14th layer(1 is 4) - the "Sum of All" aka "God".

      This is the "ruler" of the "Kingdom of God" these mystical entities wish to create/are creating.

      As the Luciferian warrior goddess that crowns the U.S Capitol Building in Washington D.C known as the "Statue of [Armed] Freedom" says on her pedestal -

      "E Pluribus Unum"

      "From Many, ONE"


      The Kingdom of God has been sought for quite some time, the Freemasons' entire duty and goal since it's inception has been the laying of the foundations or "corner blocks" of the NWO.

      One World, One People, One Government, One God(nature/Gaea), One Mind.

      All is One.


  6. Yes, you are totally right. It is all about Armageddon. Purposefully fulfilling of Prophecies. The Exodus is such a Prophecy. I think it is to grand the Rothschilds the World Power over the earth, and to grand the Pope the Religious Power. Like in the old days with slavery etc


  7. By the way. I think symbols are important to understand but not that important. It is not important to understand the symbols to understand the corruption. The logic behind the symbols is difficult to understand. The writings of the Zionist leaders are never thought at schools and easy to read. If you read them beside the things that are educated at school you know that the world government is already there and that people are slaves already.

    1. I don't really disagree with you as for "public consumption" the symbols and "secret societies" are far less important than the documented corruption and criminal behavior.

      As numerous great minds throughout human history have pointed out in war it is vitally important to not just know who your enemy is but to understand your enemy and their ideologies and systems as well as you understand your own - or as well as is possible viewing from the "outside".

      And to these people, who have long ago declared war on the "old world order" and humanity as a whole, the symbols are of central importance to their ideologies, their ritualistic systems, their scientific views and their spiritual beliefs.

      Their scientific review of those ancient symbols - to their beliefs at least - unlocked the secrets of "God" through "Scientific Illuminism" and form the basis and inspiration for their entire NWO agenda.

      Without at least trying to understand their beliefs and ideologies how can you adequately fight them?

      Sadly many can't and keep accidentally assisting their enemies in their agenda(preaching "spiritual warfare" when it's really "spiritual terrorism" designed to provoke that unnecessary warfare).

      The funny thing is that they do actually want the same thing as I do generally speaking - a peaceful, harmonized global human society - but their methods for achieving it(arguably necessary according to them) are downright inhuman.

      Acting inhuman while trying to "rebirth" humanity into something better isn't going to work, you are building on foundations of death and destruction and it will eventually collapse into chaos once again.

      They literally want to kill Humanity - it must die before it can be "reborn" - and "rebirth" is the central theme of their symbolism and culture.

      When the Freemasons say that all of their followers must believe in a "Resurrection" they are not simply talking about religious tales but of Mankind itself.

      As Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser stated in his "Judaism and the Christian Predicament" it is a "core belief" of the Judaic Messianic culture and faith that the world will be reborn into "the new world order, sometimes called the Kingdom of God".


      PS - Sorry if I have come across a bit rude or anything at times, I've been a bit exhausted the last few days and a bit cranky at times.


    2. Note: I could provide some links to publicly available occult literature online if anyone wants them(maybe BRoI is interested in posts of them?), many of these societies aren't really that "secret" and much of the "entry level" stuff is publicly accessible through their own sites and networks.

      A basic understanding of the central "planet worship" pagan symbols and mythologies is important as well and if needed a group called the "Thunderbolts Project" offers some interesting theories along with providing some great "laymen" views of the ancient symbols and mythologies that anyone can understand.

      I do not vouch for the accuracy of the theories presented there(or of anyone connected to them) to be quite clear - but for providing both concise anciently sourced descriptions and clear direct-source photos(many thanks to Dr. Anthony Peratt originator of the "Plasma Universe Theory") and reproductions of the symbols and mythology they are a great resource.


      And I do agree with the core fact of their theories that the ancient peoples identified the planets and stars/suns as the "gods" and the basis for all their symbolism - hence Rome was originally dedicated to the "Superior Sun" Saturn with the name "Saturnia" - with the 'Temple of Saturn' and still popular 'Saturnalia Festival' as well as "Saturn's Day" aka "Saturday" as central cultural icons and products(note the Greeks worshiped Saturn as Chronos/Kronos - the God King).



  8. To answer the question: how can you adequately fight them? Prosecute them for there documented corruption and criminal behavior like holocaust-fraud and terrorism. And bring about your own New World Order. If there is gone be a NWO I want it to be my NWO. There is only one Kingdom of God and it is not theirs.

    1. I'll have to agree to disagree(but mostly agreeing), a large portion of the openly public Jewish community and some of their "artificial Jews" from Masonry and other "Illuminati" groups could be dealt with just dealing with the publicly visible corruption but large portions of their followers aren't so easy to identify without knowing the systems and symbolism they use.

      Even by their own Hollywood propaganda crap they admit they are "infiltrators" by nature(which is symbolic itself) and they are not going to all come and line up for prosecution because someone rang a bell and said "come here".

      The Mossad's old motto "By way of deception thou shall do war" pretty much sums up their entire nature.

      To truly contain or remove them from society and end their agenda completely all of them need to be dealt with, they really truly believe in the "righteousness" of their mission so if even a few of them are left free they will continue the agenda by any means necessary.

      Now you could do as I've suggested before and add the basic occult/Scientific Illuminism knowledge into the standardized education system and thus teach everyone about the "secret knowledge" that they use to get people to sell their souls to them - the idea of being "granted" access to "special knowledge" is powerful, even if the knowledge itself is total garbage.

      By removing that powerful "secret knowledge" concept and teaching everyone about it you could eliminate 99% of their power and ability to follow their agenda.

      However most of the religious people I know consider that knowledge to be "Satanic" and even if being taught for a noble reason to try to prevent "evil" they reject the idea that all children/people should be taught it.

      It is ironic that one of the biggest roadblocks to a solution to the problem comes from the people who have the most reason to desire a solution - the followers of the religious orders that are targeted for destruction(and have been for a long time).

      As long as that "Satanic" knowledge is only held in the hands of those "illuminated" few it will have enough power to be used against the rest of the world.


    2. I suppose I should also note that those who are interested in Adolph Hitler should know that he himself engaged in the research and was inspired by the mystical occult works of the likes of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

      The SS Brotherhood was crafted to be a nationalized occult brotherhood centered around the "Schwarze Sonne"(Black Sun) and a Nordic-Christian mysticism.

      Under that model the SS Brotherhood would be the "best of the best" and would be required to uphold the highest social, intellectual and moral standards so as to lead by example the rest of German society and thew world in creating a "social state of the highest culture" and a "new world order" of ideological standards and systems.

      In exchange for upholding those strict standards as leaders the SS Brotherhood were granted a higher standing within the "ladder system" society the National Socialists believed in, and this in turn helped to promote to the youth to also uphold such high standards in order to eventually join the Brotherhood and become "giants amongst men" within their society.

      Had the Germans not lost WWII I do believe Wewelsberg Castle would be the center of the social, ideological and political world today.


  9. You only need to read Herzl and Nordau and the official Protocols of the Zionist Congress (not to be confused with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) to understand that 'the Society of Jews' is an international (non Jewish) terrorist organization and that Israel is founded by Nazi's at Basel 1897. There is not much symbolism to it. Swastika is Star of David. For Zion it is all about money and goods. 'Follow the money' is the golden rule with these type of crimes. Rothschild family paid Hitler and legally owned Auschwitz. Fighting them in court means that you need to have clear scientific forensic evidence of there crimes. When the public prosecutor legally bits the head(s) of from the serpent the body dies. Imagine what can be done with the 'wiedergutmachung' now is known that WOII and the Shoah was a Zion-job. The Rothschild family was not downplayed at the French Revolution, so they have yet to get there share of the power of the people.

    There is no need for "secret knowledge". All the evidence of there crimes can be found in the open on the internet in digitized libraries and archives of respected newspapers. There clear and present dangers makes it opportune to sue them yesterday for there hardcore Nazi-collaboration like Wiesenthal hunts old SS-man. It is the known facts that shows the true evil of Zionism. Forget about "Satanic" knowledge and "illuminated". There are no "illuminated" and Rothschild is Lucifer himself. The members of Betar were the first to wear Brownshirts in Germany. How much more symbolism do one need? With respect to symbolism: this medallion with approval of Goebbels is the smoking gun:


    And by all means share knowledge about the "secret knowledge" because it is very interesting and not needed to beat Zionism ore the N W O.

    1. You are correct that the Zionists and the Nazi's have the same occult background(the Black Sun), as they have the same parent organization - the Society of Jesus(in Hollywood "Priory of Scion").

      But if you don't understand their symbolism you won't understand what they really are, the religious view of Jews aka "Israelites" is completely off-base and was created by the Jews themselves(hence they are the "chosen ones").

      The "True Jews" and "False Jews" are no different from each other, they even have the same vision/mission and all that differs is their methods of achieving it - In pop-culture the "true Jews" are the "machines" and seek to enslave with organized religion, while the "false Jews" are NEO aka The ONE who will save "Zion" - the last bastion of Humanity - from the machines even if it means completely destroying the "Matrix".

      The true and false Jews are equally as dangerous and their ideologies all stem from the same ancient "mystery school" origins, one side simply takes a theistic view from it and the other a naturalistic/scientific view.

      Well anyways good luck with your endeavor, you'll probably disappear without a trace the moment you actually get anything going though.

      These people have literally been planning this for centuries, unless you can convince a couple billion other people to join you in suing them and trying to prosecute them you won't get far.

      PS- If you actually knew the "knowledge" they claim to possess you would understand how wrong you are about it not mattering, human civilization wouldn't have gotten past clubbing each other as cave-men if it weren't for that knowledge, and no religion or spiritual system fully makes sense without it.

      But for you it is not important I understand, it's your choice to ignore it if you want to.

      "There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see."

      ~ Leonardo da Vinci AKA "The Strong Lion of Victory".

      With most of the human population being "those who do not see" Zion's victory is almost guaranteed.

      I spread knowledge simply so people know why we're all fucked, not to try to stop it - you can't stop a run-away train after it has already crashed.


  10. The meaning of symbols and occult depend more than truth from facts on the eye of the beholder. It is more what you want to see in symbols than what the point of the symbols. Symbols are just decoration which sometimes can be related to something and most of the time not.

    1. Note on prior post: When I say the Society of Jesus is the parent organization of the Zionists and "Nazi's" I refer to the occult ideologies of the "Black Sun", I did not mean to imply that Jesuits directly created either group/force(though I don't rule out the possibility).

      The often cited evidence of Jesuits being persecuted by the National Socialists does go against the idea of Jesuits directly spawning the Nazi movement but then I've only seen evidence of small numbers of cases of persecution and not wide-spread persecution of Jesuits as is often claimed, so who knows the persecution may have just been PR distancing/"damage control".


      Symbols can be interpreted in many ways but the problem with your view is you have it backwards - 90% of the symbols(100% really, some are just new versions of old symbols) historically date back to cave art and rock carvings from long before Christianity came into existence.

      Now perhaps you don't recognize the historical record due to creationist beliefs, that's fine by me as I don't agree with the official record either, but the evidence clearly says these symbols predated any civilized, organized social or religious views.

      The symbols are not merely "decoration" but actually spawned it all since the earliest languages on record used these symbols and combinations of symbols to build their civilizations and spawn "Humanity".

      Without language Human civilization would not exist, including religions.

      The symbols are not a product of civilization but the core foundations of it all.

      The reality is that it isn't actually "secret" knowledge, it's common-sense when one review the evidence.

      But the "true Jews" have made billion's of otherwise intelligent people willfully blind to that evidence and it's implications.


  11. A symbol is an object that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, belief, action, or material entity. Symbols dating back to cave art and rock carvings from long before Christianity came into existence, are very hard to interpret. Today we think the symbols in the caves stand for an other solar system than we have. Tomorrow it is something else. Facts and figures are more important to understand the Zionist corruption we have to live with today. Like did Eichmann have meetings with Zionists prior to the war and the ammount of Jews gassed in Auswitch and whether the Sondercommando's in the Kamps were Zionist agents ore slaves saving there own lives. And what the whereabouts of Bush senior senior were the time he manged the banking affairs of Hitler. A cave full symbols can mean anything. Those cave man once were dust from the sun like everything else.

    But please continue explaining that I am wrong.

    1. It's not that you are wrong, it's that they are right.

      Not in what they do but what their core philosophy and understandings of human civilization reveal.

      You can argue about the symbols being hard to interpret but they actually aren't, they are clearly identified by ancient peoples alongside the planets as planetary gods such as the "Superior Sun" Saturn and the "God of War" Mars, or the "Great Princess", "Isis", "Hathoor" Venus.

      Please do so if you can offer a theoretical explanation for why the ancient peoples attribute these towering, all-powerful god figures to planets that today and according to official history back then, with the technology available to them were not but specks of dim light, no different than the billions of stars of the background they are lost in to the untrained eye.

      What god like features do these distant specks have to instill any kind of worshipful nature for Mankind, by almost all ancient civilizations globally?

      What else scientifically could live in "the heavens above" and inspire such reverence and in some cases absolute terror?

      I don't endorse the alternate stellar system theories but the fact the ancient people had good reason to attribute these powerful, earth-shaking and earth-shattering, cosmic upheaval gods and mythologies to the planetary bodies is indisputable.

      Would you look up at the sky today and see Saturn and say it's a "Superior Sun"?

      Their beliefs and understandings are generally correct as far as I as an outsider can tell, but the way they apply that knowledge is disheartening - for both/any sides of this crap.

      You may believe what you want to believe and I will believe the ancient peoples weren't all just tripped out on psychotropic drugs and hallucinating intense cataclysms and "godly" battles when they recorded these symbols and mythologies.


  12. The hard thing is that when I read Herzl ore Nordau ore the other Zionists I can see for myself what they write, what the facts are, what there intentions are. But following your theory I can not see for myself what the facts are. I can not verify the science behind the thesis. I do not know if people in the old days thought about Saturnes as the "Superior Sun". I have to assume that you are right about that, but I can not know for sure without elaborated study of the theory. For me to understand the corruption it is more important what political and social behavior is today, lets say since the French Revolution, than what the cave man did. Maybe there is something like a knowledge hidden from us by groups of people who purposely hide this from the other people to gain profit. I do not know. To me ideas and organized social live or religious views were there far before humanity. The humanoids were religious beings. Bonobo's are people as well. Maybe there were other people-like beings on earth with more intelligence than we have. There is a possibility. I think there is a change that those cave man with there theories were wrong. They did not know about relativity. They did not know that there is only one God. They did not know about multiversa, they never had seen CNN.

    I believe that today there is a bunch of people, they call themselves Zionists, they represent themselves as Jews but they are in fact Catholics and were Khazars and/ore Romans in the old days. I think that Jews as mentioned in the old testament, the real Iraqi Jews, do not want a Jewish State because they know it is a world-ghetto to destroy them all in the today’s Apocalypse which is willingly fulfilled by the Rothschild and the Rockefeller and there partners in crime. They paid Hitler. WOII was the war of the American Hebrew against the people. The war of the old slaveholders to get slavery back in town. That is what I believe are the facts. So I am not gone look to the stars ore God, ore the beliefs of those criminals. I am gone look to there behaviors. Do they really sacrifice children? Do they really declared war against Germany before there were anti-Jewish regulations in Germany. Is Hitler really a Rothschild etc etc etc. We know for sure that Zionists are blatant lairs. Ashkenazim. The characters “Nazi” (the Nazi-symbol) is already in there DNA. You do not have to go back to the cave man to understand the symbols. You only have to spell the word Ashkenazim to understand that they are genetically (and there for biblical – old testament in all languages is not hard to understand with respect to this fact) offspring from Ashkenaz and not from Sem. So they are no Semites. To understand the corruption of Zion you have to study what we know, and forget about theories that are new ore known among a small group.

  13. And of cource symbols are important, but you do not have to go back that far to understand. Further more the meaning/use of symbols changes over time. Take the Swastika for instance. We see it als a symbol of evil from Hitler but it is not. The Star of David is seen as an importand Jewish symbol, but for Jews it is nothing more than decoration. Same with the flag of Israel. Jews are not a nation.

    1. The Hakenkreuz is a symbol of Isis born from Eastern European Nordic/"Aryan" mythology combined with Christian theology to produce a "Christian mysticism" that the SS Brotherhood's "inner circle" was dedicated to as the "Schwarze Sonne".

      It was specially crafted to symbolically represent the "middle class" having all the Power and thus bringing "peace" and social unity, as was the objective of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

      It's connotations of being malicious or symbolizing war and destruction and being "evil" is the result of propaganda manipulations and lies, not a scientific review of the symbolism.

      Then again the "Black Sun" is Luciferian - the "Light Bearer" - and hence the "White Power" connotations of the SS Brotherhood are symbolically appropriate.

      But again I don't disagree that the symbols can be "fluidic" in their "pop-culture" meanings but the core scientific basis for those symbols that is "scientific illuminism" does not change, it's about the original inspiration for those symbols - they didn't just come from nowhere, something had to inspire them.

      Whether you or I believe in them is irrelevant to the fact that they do believe in it, and the fact they have tremendous power is evidenced by the state of the world today.

      If that knowledge of theirs had no power they never would have been able to recruit so many millions of intelligent and dangerous followers so as to become such a threat to the world today.

      That shared "secret knowledge" of theirs and the rituals born from it is what creates their strong "brotherhood" relationship that places their organizations/brothers and their missions ahead of everything else, without any question.

      They are always right, even when they are wrong.

      Note: without that scientific illuminism we would not have advanced this far as the Society of Jesus has been a major contributor to the scientific realm for the last 500 years or so and a major pillar of the "Illuminati"(it's founder Ignatius de Loyola was a "convert" and is spoken of almost as a "pioneer" of illuminism by some occult authors such as Crowley).


      We're both agreed that they need to be stopped anyways, lets leave it at that and end the back and forth here if that's alright.


    2. Forgot a link - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1317362/Europe-begins-Cities-built-swastika-painting-Aryans-remote-Russian-plains.html


  14. Note: There is a reason that the National Socialists centered their occult and public mythologies around the "Teutonic Knights" archetypes.

    And there is a reason Catholicism's main symbol is Christ being brutally murdered on the cross.

    It's the same basic reason that "true" Jews don't use the +/cross symbol at any time even in mathematics.

    The "Hooked Cross" is only "evil" to the demons that do not want to be exorcized from the body of Mankind.

    As the Dan Brown novel/film Da Vinci's Code points out the "Priory Of Scion" has it's primary duty to "protect the bloodline of Jesus Christ".

    But the Bloodline of Christ is a lineage of knowledge, not of physical bodies.

    Out of the darkness and into the light...

    "Beyond a doubt truth bears the same relation to falsehood as light to darkness."


    "White Power" comes from the "Black Sun"... irony?


    1. I'm posting too much here so this will be may last on this thread, but the end goal of the "black sun" occult forces is succinctly summarized by these supposedly anti-Masonic/Illuminati "Black Sun" hip-hop artists in this song -

      'New World' by Nate and Cyclonious:


      The last verse is the best in my opinion.


    2. The Bloodline of Christ is a lineage of knowledge AND physical bodies. His death was a puppetry, teaches the Quran. He lived happily ever after. Had Children, perhaps. Some say he died in India. Other say that he is still among us if his execution was in fact the puppetry the Quran claims it was.

  15. If you want to get started on some occult research I recommend Crowley's "TANNHÄUSER" -

    "[The evil and averse HATHOÖR, or VENUS, who hath arisen in the place of the Great Goddess, lifteth up her voice and chanteth:—


    Isis am I, and from my life are fed
    All showers and suns, all moons that wax and wane,
    All stars and streams, the living and the dead,
    The mystery of pleasure and of pain.
    I am the mother! I the speaking sea!
    I am the earth and its fertility!
    Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, return to me —
    To me!

    Hathoör am I, and to my beauty drawn
    All glories of the Universe bow down,
    The blossom and the mountain and the dawn,
    Fruit’s blush, and woman, our creation’s crown.
    I am the priest, the sacrifice, the shrine,
    I am the love and life of the divine!
    Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, are surely mine —
    Are mine!

    Venus am I, the love and light of earth,
    The wealth of kisses, the delight of tears,
    The barren pleasure never come to birth,
    The endless, infinite desire of years.
    I am the shrine at which thy long desire
    Devoured thee with intolerable fire.
    I was song, music, passion, death, upon thy lyre —
    Thy lyre!

    I am the Grail and I the Glory now:
    I am the flame and fuel of thy breast;
    I am the star of God upon thy brow;
    I am thy queen, enraptured and possessed.
    Hide thee, sweet river; welcome to the sea,
    Ocean of love that shall encompass thee!
    Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, return to me —
    To me!

    [TANNHÄUSER perceives that he is in the palace of a Great Queen.]"


    "Rise, rise, my knight! My king! My love, arise!
    See the grave avenues of Paradise,
    The dewy larches bending at my breath,
    Portentous cedars prophesying death!


    All worlds are caught and sealed! The starts are taken
    In love’s weak web, and gathered up, and shaken!
    Our word is mighty on the magic moon!
    The sun resurges to our triple tune!
    (See, it is done!) O chosen of the Christ!
    My knight, and king, and love, wast thy priced,
    A portion in the all-pervading bliss,
    Thou, whom I value at my ageless kiss?
    Chosen of Me! Thou heart of hearts, thou mine,
    Man! Stamping into dust the Soul Divine
    By might of that mere Manhood! Sense and thought
    Reel for the glory of thee kissed and caught
    In the eternal circle of my arms!
    Woven in vain are the mysterious charms"

    HTML version: http://hermetic.com/crowley/collected-works/i/tannhauser.html

    PDF: http://www.outercol.org/pdf/tannhauser.pdf


  16. Great lines!

    "SIX days. Creation took no longer! Yet
    I wander eastward, and no light is found.

    The stars their motion shirk, or else forget.
    The sun — the moon? Imprisoned underground
    Where gnomes disport, and devils do abound. "

  17. I know I said I already made my last post but I lied, this is my truly final post here.

    "The Truth is like a Lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself."

    ~ St. Augustine of Hippo(credited, whether true or not...)

    The likes of Leonardo da Vinci the "Strong Lion of Victory" and his disciples have already let the Truth loose and it has gotten very messy and bloody because of it.

    You may be able to kill that Lion but you will never be able to get it back into it's cage, and I'm sure the "machines" know this.

    But if you truly understood what they("Zionists") represent I do question whether you(and many others) would actually want it killed or caged again.

    The Truth is a Lion, and as Jesus Christ(the 'Lion King' lol) decries "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life".

    But there is another side to that Lion of Truth, best quoted from eastern mythology - "I AM become Death, destroyer of worlds."

    The Truth can set you free... or completely destroy you.


    1. I didn't mean to sign that 'Jesus'... but I'm LOL'ing pretty hard right now, not sure how I overlooked that when proof-reading, haha.

      He's the 'Prince of Peace' so it works though.


  18. Holographic CCD, Project Blue Beam, is all part of the above.

  19. Alright I'm bored so I figured I'd provide a brief summary of the symbolism I've talked about, whether readers want to believe any of it is up to them.

    The Society of Jesus has as it's primary symbol/logo a version of the 'Black Sun' - http://neatnik2009.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/society-of-jesus-logo.png

    The National Socialist's Hakenkreuz or 'hooked cross'(aka "swastika") is also a Black Sun symbol, as is the actual "Schwarze Sonne" symbol used by the SS and found in the former SS General's Hall at Wewelsburg Castle that was meant to become the SS world ideological headquarters -


    The "Black Sun" is a symbol of Jesus Christ representing the planetary figures of Mars and Venus(Mars slightly smaller and black/shadowed surrounded by a "ring" of white light from Venus).

    Catholic Priests wear standard black garments with a small white collar to symbolize the "Black Sun" aka Jesus Christ, and the "wedding ring" bears it's symbolic origins from the "Black Sun"(think "Lord of the Rings").

    The 'Star of David' is a different variation of the same Black Sun symbol - the intersecting upright(male) and inverted(female) pyramids symbolizing the "perfect merger of man and woman"(Mars and Venus) as Jesus Christ.

    The "true Jews" are followers of Saturn, the "God King", and thus have their Sabbath on "Saturn's-day" aka Saturday, and they were the original founders of a city called "Saturnia" which later was renamed "Rome" and became the epicenter for the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

    The Roman Catholic Church that sought to enslave the world under a "one world" religion based entirely around the primary symbol of Jesus Christ being brutally murdered upon the cross(in graphic detail often).

    Another version of the story says Kronos the "God King"(Saturn) started as a "good king" but then turned sour and imprisoned his offspring(or devoured them) - until his son Zeus(Mars) and his accomplice Athena(Venus) broke free and overthrew Saturn(ending the "Saturn Golden Age") and cast him into the fires of the underworld.

    Jesus Christ/the "Black Sun" reigned supreme, but the followers of Saturn found a way to stay in power and use a false image and teaching of Christ to enslave the world into a theistic system that they have controlled.

    Mars(Brave Heart) and Venus(Lucifer) were the first "freedom fighters", but "One Man's freedom fighter is another Man's terrorist"... or "Terror of the East" in Mars' case, aka terror-east.

    The kicker is in the different names for the three planets - for example "Isis" for Venus, "Ra"(the [Eastern] Sun God) for Mars, and "El" for Saturn, or "Elohim" as all 3 together("The Eye of Providence").

    The Isis-Ra-El-ites are not what religious people think they are.

    Have you ever seen the movie "They Live"?

    The black shades that reveal "the Truth" are symbolic of the Black Sun, as they are on this awesome Black Sun occult song and video -

    "Belly of The East" by Skriblah dan Gogh:


    The world needs "The Breakout" -



    1. Actually although I'm not actually a big fan of the actual song(the beat sucks to be blunt) the most lyrically symbolic song/video that relates to what I mention here is probably -

      "Heart of a Lion" by Caxton Press:


      "Righteous Warrior ... He's been to Hell and back..."


    2. So: Zionism = Catholicism = SS

    3. Well sort of, at least since the Society of Jesus has risen to dominance in the Catholic Church alongside the "Red Shield" Rothschild clan under "Vatican II" and brought about the symbolic "Mother Church of Babylon".

      Whether those forces all have the exact same mission or different agendas of the same type is something I am not a 100% certain of as an outsider.

      Note that the "Mother" is Venus, also identified as "Lady Babalon" to the occult forces, or the "Holy Spirit" in the Christian 'Holy Trinity'.

      The 'New Testament' is the story of Saturn's death/overthrow, told in a "prophetic" way that is being replicated to bring about the destruction of all of those Saturnian/"Abrahamic" religious orders.

      Hence you will find "true Jews" constantly berating the New Testament and upholding only the values of the Saturnian Old Testament or "Torah", hence "True Torah Jews".

      The actual overthrow of Saturn is included in pieces in smaller stories within the bible's chapters, such as "David vs Goliath" and such, but until the "Black Sun" followers aka "false Jews" crafted the "New Testament" there was no single official "battle of the titans" or war between heaven and hell within the Bible.

      They created it specifically to "role play" as the "Black Sun" and bring about that symbolic "Rapture" where all the "true believers" in the Saturn hoax-religions will disappear with the "end times" of Christianity and the 'new world order' will be established under the Mother Goddess Venus aka "Gaia"(or Gaea), Mother Nature.

      As a popular song from the Guess Who says...

      "'Cause it's the new Mother Nature taking over,
      It's the new Splendid Lady come to call,
      It's the new Mother Nature taking over,
      She's gettin' us all"


    4. Note: the Jews are Saturn and Mars, God and his Son - the "Black Sun" is Mars and Venus together also known as the Jews(Mars) that were "exiled in Babylon"(Venus), aka the "Babylonian Jews".

      The Holocaust symbolism of Jews being 'burnt alive' in ovens or murdered in "gas chambers" also comes from the "Black Sun" with the Jew Mars being surrounded by the fires of Venus(the fire of passion, or 'Hell fire').

      Since the SS Brotherhood was primarily dedicated to the Venus aspect of the "Black Sun" it makes sense that the 'Babylonian Jews' primarily dedicated to the Mars aspect of it used such symbolic imagery.


    5. As for some of the science behind interplanetary plasma discharges anyone who has ever slid their feet on carpet and then touched a metallic doorknob has essentially recreated it on a very small scale.

      Every object contains electrical potential based on it's surface area and when you shuffle on a carpet friction builds up 'static electricity' in your body.

      When you go to touch the knob the difference in electrical potential between the body and the knob is "equalized" by discharging a small electric bolt - your body discharges excess electricity into the knob reducing your levels and increasing the knobs electrical potential to "equalize" them.

      With a planet like say Mars that may be('wild ass guess' estimate) about 40 trillion times larger than a doorknob the electrical potential is much, much higher.

      If a discharge between your body and the doorknob may be 1mm in size a discharge between Mars and another body(proportional to the knob vs human body in size) that discharge could be 40 trillion mm's.

      That would be about 400 billion centimeters, or about 13 billion feet or about 4.44444 billion meters... and so on.

      Scale is important, plasma scales from the micro level to the macro level - in other words it will behave the same at 1mm as it will at 500 trillion mm's.

      And also that applies to time as well - that 1mm discharge may only last for 0.05 seconds but that 40 trillion multiplier would also apply to the time - so 40 trillion X 0.05 seconds = about 2 trillion seconds or 33333333333.333 minutes or 555555555.55555 hours, or 23,148,148.1481481 days.

      The scale involved with such a theory is hard to comprehend.


    6. Correction on my math - that should be 4 trillion centimeters, not 400 billion.


  20. It is exactly what Herzl writes on page 231 of his dairies part one:

    "By 'God' I understand the Will to Good!"

    "Good" is in this line is must be understood in economic sense.

  21. Isis-Ra-El-ites are crusaders

  22. These are the symbols you are writing about I guess




    1. Yes those are some of the symbols, but a better resource for some directly sourced Hebrew "swastikas" and the Schwarze Sonne/Black Sun/"Midnight Sun" can be found here:



  23. The word Holocaust itself is linguistic evidence of the fact that it has a Jewish origin. Nazi comes from the word Ashkenazim. It is the old fashioned abbreviation. Nazi can not be an abbreviation of 'NationalSozialismus'. That would be NaSo. Rich Ashkenazim were the inspirators and sponsors of Adolf Hitler. It was all an Asjkenazi-job. Thus the Catholics. IHS. The SS where officially crusaders. Templars. Hitler was on a Holy War to find the blood of Jezus, because he thought that en the powers in it is the Holy Grail. Everything has the same inspiration that leads back to the Church of Rome as source of the ongoing racism and antisemitism against Jews and other-non Christians in Europe and abroad.


    1. Yes, to some extent that is correct, hence my post many responses ago stating that there is a reason the German National Socialists under Hitler adopted a mostly Teutonic mythological underpinning for their ideological empire.

      However the SS Brotherhood was meant only to be ideological crusaders and not full blown military conquerors, the SS core ideology was very much opposed to physical violence unless absolutely unavoidable/in self defense.

      The historical record clearly shows the Germans under Hitler attempted to avoid armed conflict as much as possible going so far as to allegedly offer to secure most of Poland's Versailles borders in order to stop the harassment of German peoples in the disputed territories.

      Days after invading Poland Hitler offered peace and a convention in Switzerland was established to negotiate a peace settlement, but then France and Britain declared war and turned a short regional conflict on the verge of ending into "World War".

      As Hitler himself put it the "international Jewish poison of the peoples" corroded healthy minds and achieved their goal of starting another massive war for profit by using Poland as a pawn - and the Poles weren't happy about it, especially when the Brits did nothing to stop the Soviet invasion and then later just handed Poland to the Bolsheviks.

      Obviously there were other "occult" reasons for the conflict but the National Socialists were quite clear that their "crusading" was for political and ideological conquest and not the physical conquest of war - they established SS branches in friendly and allied nations and various groups in non-allied/neutral/enemy nations and pitted their propaganda against the Jewish propaganda in a war for the "hearts and minds" of the peoples of the world.

      And of course the "Knights" of Germany were prepared for war if it happened and like everyone else they believed themselves to be righteous warriors "defending their people" whether actually true or not(hard to say with all the misinfo and disinfo and conspiracy crap out there these days).



    2. The armies of Germany, France and England were (are?) commanded financially by the 'World house' of the Rothschild bankers (Herzl dairies part 1 page 163 - 164 - quoted above). It were the Rothschilds (the jews who paid Hitler and legally owned Auschwitz) moving there soldiers of the Great Powers they commanded financially in to a full blown world war. Like Risk. On there way to be crowned as royal family of (great) Israel in the newly build third temple after ore during the End Game (today). The Rotschilds willingly fulfilled the prophecy of the Exodus to become king of the kings, lord of lords. Rotschilds and the Pope are gone rule the world according to this agenda that is written in the scripture. First there destructive powers, than the world is in slavery again.

      By the way: what do you mean with: "harassment of German peoples in the disputed territories"? Never heard about that.

    3. As far as the Red Shield agenda goes I agree, I just disagree with the idea Hitler was complicity involved in that agenda rather than using and being used by them.

      Had Hitler been a real Zionist there is no way he would have bowed to Arab pressure and changed the Nazi's supported venue for a Jewish State to Africa - it is vital to the Zionist agenda that Israel be recreated as a Biblical entity in Palestine, not in Madagascar.

      Also the fact that the SS Brotherhood has been hunted down viciously by Zionist "Nazi Hunters" and exterminated since the war's end, even today 75+ years later, indicates that the Schwarze Sonne ideology of the Nazi's was not entirely in line with the Zionist ideology and agenda.

      But again it's very hard to say given all the conflicting rumors, reports and "evidence" out there today.

      I do believe it is logical based on the evidence to suggest the possibility that Hitler was an "Ashkenazim" Jew/Zionist agent himself, but personally I don't believe that to be the case - Hitler used the Zionists and Rothschilds to gain power but then in the mid to late 30's began adopting policies opposed to international banking and fiat currency and such.

      Hitler used them and they used him to mutual benefit, but later it was the Rothschilds and Zionists who ended up having the last laugh by using the Nazi's to give birth to the "Holocaust", a "core pillar" of the NWO.

      "By the way: what do you mean with: "harassment of German peoples in the disputed territories"? Never heard about that."

      There are many sources for this though some are controversial, starting with the Encyclopedia Brittanica of 1922 article on "Upper Silesia" documenting the beginning of "Polish atrocities" against ethnic Germans -

      [Edit: Encyclopedia entry added in next post, too long for this one]

      This continued through the 20's and into the 1930's, especially after the British assured Poland of total support against Germany under any circumstance.

      The best source is also the most controversial as it came from the German Foreign Office -

      "Volk und Reich Verlag Berlin", 2nd. revised ed., 1940 or "Polish Atrocities Against the German Minority in Poland":

      Available in English translation here - http://www.jrbooksonline.com/polish_atrocities.htm

      I don't have the time to dig up more links right now but I can find them later and post them if you want.

      Anyways, that is why Hitler famously stated as German forces entered Poland on September 1, 1939 -

      "Since dawn today, we are shooting back ..." ~ Adolph Hitler

      You only "shoot back" at those who have been shooting at you, as some groups of Polish citizens had been doing for 2 decades prior to 1939.


    4. Encycopledia Britannica entry from 1922 for "SILESIA, UPPER" - you'll need to hit a library to check it yourself unless you or I can find the one online copy I used like 10 years ago, but so far no luck on that.

      "under Polish pressure the Germans in the southern and eastern districts were subjected to oppressive treatment. On Aug. 19 1920 the Poles felt strong enough, indeed, to make an attempt to seize the country by force. On all sides bands of Poles, chiefly recruited from Congress Poland, usurped authority. A number of Germans were forcibly carried across the frontier into Poland, and many were killed. Several weeks elapsed before it was possible to quell this rising and restore order…It had been suggested by the Entente that non-resident Upper Silesians of the German Reich should vote outside Silesia, at Cologne. Germany protested against this, and her protest was recognized as valid by the Entente. In January 1921 the date of the plebiscite was fixed for March 20 1921.

      An immediate revival took place in the use of terrorism by the Poles, especially in the districts of Rybnik, Pless, Kattowitz, and Beuthen. It reached its climax in the days preceding the plebiscite. Voters from other parts of the German Reich were frequently refused admission to the polls; sometimes they were maltreated and even in some instances murdered; and houses where outvoters were staying were set on fire… The day after the plebiscite the Polish excesses recommenced, and from that date onwards continued without interruption… Practically all the towns voted for Germany… the first days of May witnessed a new Polish insurrection which assumed far greater proportions than the former one. Korfanty had secretly raised a well-organized Polish force which was provided with arms and munition from across the border, and was reinforced by large bodies of men from Poland…

      By June 20 the British troops had again occupied the larger towns, while the Poles had the upper hand in the rural districts. As a result of the difficulties in paying his men and providing them with food Korfanty now lost control over his followers. Independent bands were formed which plundered the villages, ill-treated the Germans, and murdered many of them."


  24. Note that the "Illuminati" Jews believe in the ONE, in complete equality.

    In theory socially and intellectually that refers to the Socratic principles of equality - in practice though the Jews violate such principles themselves by viewing themselves as "more equal" to those who don't believe in such principles - which is part of what Hitler referred to as a "very dangerous ideology".

    The other aspect of that is the mystical/religious symbolic aspect best summed up by Polish Catholic preacher Fabian Birkowski as quoted in Dr. Kurt Lück's "Myth of the German in Polish Popular Traditions and Literature" on Page 84:

    Referring to Germanic Christian systems aka "The German Faith" -
    "The Dominican Fabian Birkowski writes: 'Your corrupt religion arose through false prophets, and was created by the Devil, who wanted to be equal to God... Your leader is the Angel of Hell, that is, the Devil'."

    As reproduced by C.W Porter in "The Image of Germans in Polish Literature" -


    "The German Faith" referred to is part of the early Jesuit-istic/'Black Sun' Christian Bavarian systems that eventually inspired and evolved into the "Schwarze Sonne" occult systems and teachings of the SS Brotherhood.

    The Catholic Church was built by the Saturnians, who were "overthrown" by the 'Black Sun' aka Jesus Christ and hence to the Catholic Birkowski and his ilk the followers of Saturn as the "supreme" God Jesus Christ is "the devil", and the Nazi and Jesuit/Zionist occult organizations are "evil".

    To Jesuits that is the other way around - Saturn is "the devil" who started out good but turned wicked and enslaved and imprisoned everyOne, while Jesus Christ is the "Lord of Lords" and "King of Kings" - not Saturn.

    If you want to understand who rules society today look to "the devils music" - Rock n' Roll.

    Mars is "the Rock of Christ", "philosopher's stone", the stone in David's slingshot that brought down "Goliath", the basis for the famous quote from The Lord to St. Peter(Venus) "upon this rock I will build my church" - the "Mother Church of Babylon" aka "Synagogue of Satan" - and many more.

    Mars put's the "rock" in "rock n' roll" and was the original "Rock Star" - hence it is "the Devils music".

    Throw up the devil horns and "rock on" as society burns down around you...

    "To safeguard my philosophy until my dying breath,
    I transfer from reality into a living death,
    I empathize with enemies until the time is right,
    With God and Satan at my side, from darkness will come light."

    Black Sabbath - "God Is Dead?":



    1. Since I posted Black Sabbath and since the 52nd post is a good place for this I should add this song dedicated to "The wickedest man in the world", 'The Beast 666' Aleister Crowley who's writings I have linked to here previously(such as 'Tannhauser') -

      Ozzy Osbourne - "Mr. Crowley":



  25. I can't believe I forgot in my prior posts to note one of the most important aspects of the symbolism - the "Left vs. Right" BS.

    God is Saturn or at least Saturn is God's "head" or "face"; Venus is God's 'Left Hand'(hence left-handed people are "evil"); Mars is God's 'Right Hand' - and as such he is God's "right hand man".

    Maybe your right hand doesn't know what your left hand is doing sometimes... ?

    This isn't just 'hands' though as they can also be the little devil and angel on your shoulders, or they can be feet - Mars as 'Achilles Heel' or combined together in 'Black Sun' style you have "two Left feet".

    Or they are "Arms" and the basis for the idea of "raising an Army", or the "Right to bear Arms"(God given RIGHTS...not "lefts").

    Bearing in mind that Saturn is the "Face" of God(also the 'third eye') and Venus and Mars are the Eyes of God(all 3 together are the 'Eye of Providence' or 'All-seeing Eye' of God) I recommend the legendary Billy Idol's "Eyes Without a Face" -


    Also "Evil Eye" is a good one(warning adult imagery included):


    Oh and One can't ignore the obvious one - "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden(aka Nude Dragons) -


    I also recommend "Burden in My Hand".

    "Entertainment" literally means a "distraction/diversion from reality" - and using their "devilish"/"satanic" symbolic entertainment over the past century or so these "Noahide" Jewish forces have successfully distracted most of the world into not having a clue what is really going on.


    1. Added note: Symbolically the Black Sun followers have already won the war.

      Many people have wanted to pull a 'Rocky Balboa' and stand atop a large set of stairs or over a downed opponent with their arms in the air, one fisted hand clasped in the other shaking it around as "We Are the Champions" serenades them almost magically from out of the Blue.

      Queen - "We Are The Champions":


      PS - Love the black and white "two-face" outfit, as gay it is, lol.



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