Monday, 1 July 2013

The Zionist "Final Solution of the Jewish Question"

"Jacobus Kann (1872-1945), the banker from The Hague in the Netherlands, is finally
recognized as the original purchaser of the land on which Tel Aviv was founded."

Below is yet another example of that ever so infamous phrase being banded about by a leading Zionist before the NSDAP ever even came into existence. This time found in a translation of a letter the above Zionist wrote to Dutch politician Jonkheer John Loudon on March 23, 1917.

"we are of the opinion that a satisfactory and final solution of the Jewish question can only be reached by the fulfillment [sic] of the Zionist idea."

The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) FO 141/805/1


  1. I anm shocked

  2. Am, I am. I am in fact more disgusted than shocked.

  3. The Nazi's were Zionists. That is why nationals jews are against Zionism. Zionism is against Judaism. It is the opposite, like Nazism. Nazism and Zionism pleases the same benefactors: the Rothschild banking cartel. They were in legal terms the owners of Auschwitz. They payed Hitler. Supplied Buna, ZyclonB. Zionist leader Herzl invented the 'Endlösung der Judenfrage'. The Holocaust started with the First Zionist Convention at Basel 1897. WOII, the Shoah, it is all a Zionist-job. Hitler, Eichmann etc, they were all Zionists. Hitler fullfiled the Zionist idea of a “satisfactory and final solution of the Jewish question”. OMG!

  4. This affirms what Holocaust and WWII Revisionists have said all documentary evidence supports. "The Final Solution" wasn't a plan to kill all Jews. It was the German execution of the Zionist-Rothschild plan to relocate the majority of European Jews to establish a Zionist controlled communist state located in Palestine.

    The “final solution of the Jewish question” for Germany consisted Of the removal of the Jews from Europe, by EMIGRATION if possible, And by DEPORTATION if necessary.

    Professor Robert Faurisson,The Journal of Historical Review,Jan Feb. 1999,p.21

  5. National Archives... which National Archives? US? Dutch? British?

    1. It does state: 'Public Record Office (PRO)' which kinda gives it away.


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