Tuesday, 6 August 2013

4,000,000 killed at Auschwitz, say Yad Vashem

In the July 1958 edition of the Yad Yashem Bulletin, appeared a review by Haya Grossman (future member of the Knesset) of Auschwitz survivor Israel Gutman's book Men and Ashes (the book was written in Hebrew and published by Sifriat Poalim, but I've not been able to find out anything else about it). 
Here we have an example of the official publication of the Yad Vashem supporting the Auschwitz death toll of 4,000,000, and claiming the majority of its victims were Jews:

"Book of Auschwitz 'Men and Ashes'" by Haya Grossman, Vad Washem [sic] Bulletin, July 1958, no. 3, p. 23 & 30 (the above from the latter).

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  1. Do not know any more how to understand the above picture of the Pope and the Yad Vashem Chief. They must have known about Herzl meeting the pope to convert the Jews and inventing the final solution and Rothschild paying Hitler and owning Auschwitz and the other histories revealed on this site, before they shook hands in that moment. They shook hands on keeping hidden their secrets they do not want the people to know. It is more like 'we did it' handshake, a high five, a brotherly gesture by Serpents of the Synagogue of Satan.


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